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The Magic of Metal: Iron

Natural History and Folklore

Iron is possibly the most common metal in witchcraft. In general it is associated with repelling magic, demons, spirits and the fae. Iron makes up the major part of the inner and outer core of the earth. The atomic symbol for iron (Fe) comes from the Latin term for iron, which is Ferrum, whose root meant ‘to create, to form or to bear forth’. It is the sixth most abundant element in the universe and iron-oxide is belied to be the reason for Mars’ red surface.

Meteorites are largely made up of iron. Iron is also an important dietary nutrient for plants, animals and humans. The Iron Age succeeded the Bronze age, starting around 1200B.C. Iron is the second oldest metal known to man, the word iron coming from the Anglo-Saxon ‘iren’ which through time meant ‘holy metal’.

Iron has been found in historical sites the world over. In Egypt some iron artifacts have been found that contain a fair percentage of nickel, indicating that they were likely meteoric in origin. Some holy sites once never allowed items of iron make to be allowed inside due to their anti-magical/ spirit repelling properties.

Chemical Information/ Toxicity
Chemical Symbol: Fe           Melting Point: 1538*C / 2800*F
Atomic Number: 26                Boiling Point: 2862*C / 5183*F
Physical Properties

Iron in its pure form is grayish, soft, and very reactive. It’s strength comes from its alloying with other metals. Easily corrodes and rusts in both air and moisture.  An excellent conductor of heat and electricity, malleable and the most magnetic of all natural elements.
Practical Uses

The largest and most common use of iron in today’s world is the manufacturing of steel, which is used in everything from buildings, ships, cars, tools and more. As it is one of the strongest metals, and most important for alloys, it is a conundrum since it rusts so easily.

Iron was once the primary structural material but has been replaced by steel. Cast iron is still used in a variety of auto parts and plumbing manufacturers. Wrought iron is also used for cookware and for home decor.
Magical Associations/ Uses

One of the most common uses of iron in witchcraft is to repel other magics or magical creatures. It is also a dousing metal, making it useful in directing magic as well as ‘pulling’ magic from someone or something. Since it is magnetic, it can be used to attract as well as repel. Iron doesn’t hold magic well, which is why it is used to direct and redirect rather than actually holding it. As it is found in meteorites, it nearly encompasses the ideology of “as above, so below”.

Since it is magnetic, iron is an ideal metal for grounding work, as well as for astral travel. Iron can be used in rituals and spells promoting energy, determination, willpower, aggressiveness, fertility rites, speed and beginnings. It is related to the element of fire, so is good for use in any working relating to fire magic. It is a good metal to use in healing magic due to the fact that it is in our blood.

It is useful in blood magic as well. Curses commonly use iron, as well as curse removal magic, as iron deflects and redirects those energies.

  • Attracting and repelling
  • Directing and redirecting
  • Both the earth and celestial bodies
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Planet: Mars (deity as well)
  • War, power, strength
  • Courage
  • Zodiac: Aries and Scorpio
  • Healing
  • Permanence
  • Opposition to nature or the natural state of things
  • Love and lust

Alchemical Symbol

Fun Facts

Iron makes up 5.6% of the earth’s crust

Too much iron in the body can be dangerous

It is a structural constituent of the sun, stars in general and planets

Cast iron is made by heating iron alloy into a liquid then pouring it into a mold

China is the world’s largest producer of iron, accounting for 33% of the world’s iron.


The Magic of Metal: Nickel

Natural History and Folklore

The majority of the Earth’s nickel is located in the Earth’s core. The Germans called it ‘kupfernickel’ or ‘Devil’s Copper’. The world leader for nickel production is the Philippines, followed by Indonesia, Russia, Canada and Australia. Most industrial nickel is found in ores like garnierite, limonite and pentlandite. It is also found in meteorites, which is where the majority of Canada’s nickel is believed to come from.

A zinc-nickel alloy was used in China as long ago as 200 BC and was called pai-t’ung (white copper).

Chemical Information/ Toxicity
Chemical Symbol: Ni            Melting Point: 1455*C / 2651*F
Atomic Number: 28                Boiling Point: 2913*C / 5275*F

Nickel is a dietary supplement and is found in everything from fruits to veggies, and is especially present in baked beans. Some nickel compounds as a dust can cause cancer when inhaled.

Physical Properties

Nickel is silvery white in color with a hint of gold. A hard and ductile metal, it is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. Fairly corrosion resistant and able to be polished to a fine shine. It is one of the four metals that are magnetic at room temperature.
Practical Uses

Nickel’s primary use is for making nickel steel and other alloys. Like Stainless steel it is corrosion resistant and extremely strong. It is also used in alloys with iron to make magnets as well as its uses in battery production. Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal-hydride batteries are rechargeable. Other uses include armor plates for military uses and the production of coins. It has been used throughout history in place of silver in decorations.
Magical Associations/ Uses

Helping in magics to reveal the truth or influence situations. It is an empowering metal, and can boost one’s workings when used in spellwork. Per its use to protect other metals, it can be used in protection magic and in magics to keep things strong or bound together, as it resists corrosion.

Per its use to make coins, nickel can be used in magic to protect one’s money or even to draw money to you. Nickel can be used in magic for permanence, to strengthen magic, for glamours (due to its shine) and in magic to open doors of all kinds. Wearing nickel jewelry is helpful for inspiring creativity and nickel can be used as a substitute for silver in magical workings.

As it is found in the planets core, rituals and magic that involve changes to oneself and our core being can involve nickel. Since it is magnetic, nickel can be used in magic to draw things to you, or inversely to repel things away from you.

  • Money
  • Protection
  • Power/ Charging
  • Binding
  • Strength/ Stability
  • Food/ Health
  • Meteorites
  • Creativity
  • Zodiac: Virgo

Alchemical Symbol

Image result for nickel alchemy symbol
Fun Facts

65% of Nickel produced is used to make stainless steel

The second most abundant element in meteorites following Iron.

Pure nickel is rarely found on earth.

Recycled nickel accounts for 38% of the total nickel used yearly.

It is believed to be a common skin allergen.