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Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Hawk’s Eye or Blue Tigers Eye is a very soothing stone. It aids in reducing stress and anxiety while increasing a calm, peaceful feeling.  A gleaming Tigers Eye in shades of blues and grays, Hawk’s Eye can help illuminate issues that may have been difficult for us to see.   It connects us to our Third Eye, increasing our intuition and empowering our understanding of the internal conflicts that consistently distract us from achieving our desires.  Blue Tigers Eye also instills a go with the flow attitude, reminding us that balance and harmony is essential.  Clarity is bestowed upon us when we work with it and the aspects of our own yin/yang imbalances are able to be aligned in harmony.



Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Red Tigers Eye is sometimes referred to as Dragon’s Eye.  It enhances our confidence and self-esteem by encouraging vitality and strength.  A motivational stone, Red Tigers Eye wants us to get to the bottom of the emotions that are holding us back and lowering our vibration.  Red Tigers Eye inspires us to approach our goals with passion and excitement no matter how daunting the task enabling us to do our best in all that we endeavor.  It is connected to our Root Chakra helping to keep us focused, balanced and grounded.


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When cut into facets, this unique crystal changes color from bluish green or green to purple, depending on the position of the stone and how it is lit. The color change makes the stone highly desirable, but also quite scarce. Much of the alexandrite you will find available may be manufactured from Austrian crystal – beautiful in its own right, but without any of the healing properties. The mineral got its name from its use in Czarist Russia and is named after Czar Alexander 2nd.

Colors: Green to bluish green, changing to purpleto raspberry

Chakra: Heart, third eye, crown

Primary Uses: Boosts self-esteem, intensifies positive emotions, enhances confidence, promotes optimism, increases joy, brings luck, facilitates connection to higher self, improves intuition


Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Emerald is powerful Heart Chakra stone, radiating its loving, vibrant energy of unconditional love upon us.  It opens our hearts to accept ourselves and all the gifts that life has bestowed upon us.  Emerald is also a prosperity stone as it strengthens our courage to follow our heart’s wisdom.  It amplifies hope and encouragement helping us clarify and strengthen our intention for a desired outcome.  Emerald is a great stone when working in groups of two or more as it encourages teamwork, bonding, communication and mutual respect.


Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Lave Stone is formed from molten lava that solidifies under intense heat and pressure.  Little pockets of gas bubbles get trapped within the stone and create the holes in its porous surface.  Lava Stone has a deep connection to the Earth, as well as the element fire.  Its Earth energy strengthens our connection to Mother Earth, while its Fire energy helps guide us our spiritual transformation.  It is a highly effective grounding stone that provides strength and courage during our most tumultuous times.  Lava stone keeps us mentally stable while it guides us to a place of understanding enabling us to bounce back from any circumstance we have encountered.  It assists us by dissipating anger and fostering positive change in areas where we need it most.