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The Magic of Metal: Steel

Natural History and Folklore

Steel was known to cultures through antiquity and was produced in crucibles and bloomeries. Noric steel was used by the Roman military and the Warring States period in China had quenched steel. Steel wouldn’t come into more common use until later on, during the 17th century in Germany and England.

Chemical Information/ Toxicity
Chemical Symbol: N/A           Melting Point: 1370*C / 2500*F
Atomic Number: N/A             Boiling Point: 2750*C* / 4982*F

Physical Properties

Technically, a metal alloy, Steel is made of iron and a non metal (carbon). Steel is a metal with a high strength, low weight, high durability and ductility and a great resistance to corrosion. Steel cools down rapidly even from very high heats. There are many different kinds of steel, made by the different specific chemical compositions of the metals themselves.

Chromium is what we add to steel to create stainless steel and give it its resistant properties.

Practical Uses

Use widely in construction of all kinds, it is used in the construction of appliances, buildings, roads, and just about anything and everything in the modern world. Bolts, nails, screws and other construction equipment and tools are widely made from various types and grades of steel, along with household cooking utensils.

Offshore construction, ships, pipelines, aerospace and even furniture are also made from various types of steel. It is a metal that is found in almost all facets of modern life.

Magical Associations/ Uses

Due to its practical uses and associations, it is a good metal to use in magic for defensive purposes, for destructive purposes, for strength, bindings and resistance. It retains iron’s inability to hold magic itself, but can still be used to direct it. Stainless steel can be used for protection magic and glamour magics.

Since it cools down quickly from high temperatures, it can be used in both fire and water magic and rituals, especially those that involve a change in the ‘temperature’ of something, like cooling down one’s anger or lust, tempering one’s emotions. Since Iron is the base metal of steel, it shares many of its magical properties and uses.

Steel can be used in magic and magical items to guard against negativity as well as to prevent nightmares. It can also, like iron, be used in grounding magic and energy work, or to dampen magic and energy in general. Can also be used in reflective magics.


  • Weapons and Armor
  • Permanence
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Cooling off
  • Directing energy
  • Technology
  • Planet: Mars
  • Element: Fire or Water

Alchemical Symbol

Image result for steel alchemy symbol
Fun Facts

Steel is roughly 1000x stronger than iron

It is the main material in most renewable forms of energy (solar, hydro and wind)

Over 60% of steel is recycled in North America every year

Steel is used in almost every industry there is

The average computer is about 25% steel

2/3 of all canned goods packaging is made of steel