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From the Trees

This is sort of a meditation, sort of a practice of mindfulness, one I do as often as I can whenever I am in the presence of a tree, specifically the oak tree in front of my house.

When you find a tree you wish to perform this little activity with, simply observe the tree. What kind is it? How wide is it? How tall is it? How old do you think it could be? What condition is it in? How many branches does it have? Is it bearing blossoms or fruits? Gather as much of this information as you can (feel free to journal and sketch or take notes).

Once you’ve gathered as much about the tree’s appearance as you can, sit in front of it and lean back against it or simply face away from it. Take in everything around the tree. What other plants are nearby? Animals? Where is the tree located? In a yard or in a park? How close/ far is it from a water source? How close is it to other trees? Again, gather as much information as you can.

Now, look around. What does the tree see? What events might have taken place at the locations around the tree? What memories does the tree itself have? What has the tree had to do to survive? (Did it have to grow into concrete? Around electrical wires? Around a house or fence?). Take in as much as you can.

What lessons can you learn from this tree? Grow despite adverse conditions? Change with the seasons? Bend but don’t break during storms? There is a near endless possibility of lessons to learn. This mindfulness can be applied to anything within nature, then shifted to apply it to ourselves. We are, after all, a part of nature.

To me, this is one of the biggest lessons druidry has taught me. Take wisdom, find knowledge, find ways to learn from everyone and everything around me. I performed this meditation with the old oak tree (named Acornelius) in my front yard, and I find I relate very much to that tree.

I hope you all find some lessons from this act of mindfulness! Feel free to share feedback about what you’ve learned.


The Basil Druid



Found all over the world, jasper is a stone that typically appears in a brownish red color, but it can also be green, white, or yellow. Jasper is great for healing magic, especially related to chronic illness. It’s also perfect for grounding and centering after a ritual, and can provide stability and balance to relationships. Use red jasper to give your passion a boost, and get a little extra spark in your sex life!

Associated Element: Earth
Magical Uses: Centering, grounding, healing, passion, stability
Rituals and Celebrations: Healing rituals, Yule
Often Used With: Carnelian, cinnamon, feverfew, mandrake, patchouli, smoky quartz
Associated Colors: Brown, green, red, white, yellow
Applications: Place jasper beneath your mattress for an extra-enthusiastic sex life. Use in grounding rituals after magical workings to get yourself centered and refocused. If you’re doing healing magic, place jasper anywhere on the body that is affected by illness or injury. Cleanse jasper by placing it in a bowl with a piece of hematite.



Unlike many of the other stones used in magic, jet is actually fossilized Jurassic-era driftwood that has transformed into lignite coal. It comes in very handy in talismans and jewelry because it can be polished to a mirror-like sheen. The energy of jet can be used to purify and protect, and jet is often associated with grief; the Victorians used it to make mourning brooches and rosaries. Today, you can use jet to protect against evil and psychic attacks.

Associated Element: Earth
Magical Uses: Absorbing negativity, grief, grounding, protection
Rituals and Celebrations: Banishing rituals, funerals, Samhain
Often Used With: Amber, chamomile, holly, lavender, onyx, obsidian, pennyroyal, rosemary, sandalwood, thistle, valerian
Associated Colors: Black
Applications: Wear a necklace or brooch of jet to aid in healing from grief and mourning. It can also be used to dispel negative energy. Keep a piece handy to prevent psychic attack and emotional possession or addiction. If someone is harassing you and you want to get them out of your life, write or scratch the person’s name on a piece of jet and throw it in a running stream or river. From your bedpost, hang a piece of jet alongside amber to ensure a restful sleep without nightmares.



Onyx typically appears in black, although you may sometimes encounter it with white bands or spots. Like other black stones, onyx absorbs negativity, so it’s useful for protection. It can provide emotional strength during times of trouble and help eliminate unwanted energies or feelings. Use onyx for workings related to increasing your own willpower or self-control.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Banishing, protection, strength, willpower
Rituals and Celebrations: Imbolc, Samhain
Often Used With: Chamomile, hematite, holly, jet, lilac, obsidian, pennyroyal
Associated Colors: Black, white
Applications: Carry a piece of onyx in your pocket or place stones around the corners of your home and property to keep away those who would cause you harm. If you’re struggling with addiction, obsession, or impulse control, wear onyx as a pendant. If there’s someone in your life whose habits or poor decision-making skills have negative consequences, write the person’s name on a piece of paper, wrap it around a piece of onyx, and bury it in the ground during the waning moon phase.

Just Another Migraine Monday

Today was alright, given that I had to sleep most of it to avoid the horrific migraine that still is not gone despite taking two rounds of medication. I don’t have anything to really write about really, I just need to do it so I don’t fall out of the habit for months at a time again.

I went over to Mrs. CJ’s today, and when I got there her husband and my mom were already there. They were setting up her new hospital bed mattress. I didn’t take into account how strongly I would be affected emotionally by seeing someone in that state. She got so emotional when it was time for her to go from the wheel chair back into bed because she was afraid of falling, even though her husband would never let that happen. I just wanted to crawl into her head sweep away all her fears. I helped adjust her pillows and got her a drink and her heating pad all situated, then cleaned up the kitchen from dinner the night before. The main objective is to keep her company in case she needs something, and to do light household things so that Mr. CJ doesn’t have to worry about it when he gets home from work. I told her I can even go grocery shopping for them once the car is fixed, which shouldn’t be too much longer. I also told her that I am only two apartment building away and if she needs anything else to give me a call, even if i was already there that day. She really is the sweetest lady, and she has known my mom since I was about 11 or 12. We talked about my home life and she said something very profound to me about my relationship with my 15 year old sister.

“I’m no psychiatrist, but maybe she is distant with you because you’ve been in and out of your mom’s so many times that she feels like you’ll just leave again if she gets close to you.”

That one really hit my soul and I am still currently processing that.

And on that note, I can’t really handle looking at my screen anymore so I am gonna go stare at the wall.