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Tea Tree

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Sometimes referred to simply as melaleuca, tea tree essential oil is effective for dealing with fungus, treating minor wounds, and clearing up a variety of minor infections. In a 2013 study published by the International Journal of Dermatology, tea tree essential oil was shown to exhibit high levels of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, with effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoal infections. Among its proven uses are treating acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and gingivitis. Tea tree essential oil has also been proven to help wounds heal faster, so add it to your natural first-aid kit.

Generally regarded as safe.

Application Methods

INHALATION: Mixed into 1 cup of steaming hot water, a few drops of tea tree essential oil can soothe respiratory discomfort. If adding to a diffuser, use the number of drops recommended by the diffuser’s manufacturer.
TOPICAL: Tea tree essential oil can be used neat on minor cuts and scrapes. Just drip a drop onto the affected area and allow it to air-dry.
BATH: If you have dandruff, try adding tea tree essential oil to your shampoo. It kills fungus and helps your scalp heal, while cutting down on itchiness.

Popular Uses
During cold and flu season, add tea tree essential oil to a vaporizer for relief from congestion. Tea tree essential oil helps sunburns heal faster. Blend it with aloe vera gel on its own or with complementary essential oils, and apply it liberally to affected areas a few times each day until the skin heals. Tea tree’s powerful antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities make it an excellent addition to household cleaners. Used on its own or blended with other essential oils, tea tree essential oil keeps a variety of surfaces fresh and clean.

Black pepper
Clary sage


Insect repellent

Athlete’s foot
Body odor
Cold and flu care
Insect bites and bee
Insect infestation
Jock itch
Minor burns
Minor cuts and scrapes
Nail fungus
Oily skin and hair
Swimmer’s ear
Yeast infection



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Mentha pulegium

In some forms of American folk magic, pennyroyal is associated with money, while in others it is used for protection against hexes. Press fresh flowers and add them to a base oil, and use it to ward off negative magic around your home. Dry out the leaves and use them in an incense blend to protect pets, gardens, and even your car from damage and accidents.

Parts Used: Essential oil, leaves
Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Banishing, money and wealth, protection
Rituals and Celebrations: Banishing rituals
Blends Well With: Goldenseal for prosperity
Substitutions: Comfrey, mint
Often Used With: Jet, obsidian, onyx
Precautions: Pennyroyal can be toxic to pregnant women and should not be used in any form by pregnant or nursing women.
Applications: Tuck pennyroyal leaves into your purse or hang them over a cash register at work to bring money into your life, or steep the leaves in water to make a wash for your hands as a way of welcoming prosperity. You can burn pennyroyal leaves as incense around your home to protect your property, or anoint your shoes with the essential oil to keep you safe when traveling.



Found all over the world, jasper is a stone that typically appears in a brownish red color, but it can also be green, white, or yellow. Jasper is great for healing magic, especially related to chronic illness. It’s also perfect for grounding and centering after a ritual, and can provide stability and balance to relationships. Use red jasper to give your passion a boost, and get a little extra spark in your sex life!

Associated Element: Earth
Magical Uses: Centering, grounding, healing, passion, stability
Rituals and Celebrations: Healing rituals, Yule
Often Used With: Carnelian, cinnamon, feverfew, mandrake, patchouli, smoky quartz
Associated Colors: Brown, green, red, white, yellow
Applications: Place jasper beneath your mattress for an extra-enthusiastic sex life. Use in grounding rituals after magical workings to get yourself centered and refocused. If you’re doing healing magic, place jasper anywhere on the body that is affected by illness or injury. Cleanse jasper by placing it in a bowl with a piece of hematite.



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Garnets appear most commonly in shades of red and purple, although they can occasionally show up in other colors like green, gold, and orange. Some people believe that a garnet obtained through theft or deception will bring a curse upon the person who has it until the person makes things right with the original owner, so don’t steal a garnet! In terms of magic, garnet is connected to moon magic, and subsequently to intuition and women’s mysteries. Use it in rituals for balance (especially between the spiritual and the physical) or to enhance the energies of other crystals in magical workings.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Balance, moon magic, intuition, passion, women’s mysteries
Rituals and Celebrations: Full moon rituals, Imbolc, Lammas
Often Used With: Aventurine, bloodstone, cinnamon, lemon balm, mugwort, sweetgrass
Associated Colors: Green, gold, orange, purple, red
Applications: Garnet can be carried in your pocket or worn in a piece of jewelry to develop your personal power and bring balance between the spiritual and physical planes. Use it during lunar rituals to promote intuitive abilities and psychic skills. Keep a garnet in your meditation area to give other crystals a boost while keeping negative energy at bay.


Ostara (Spring Equinox)

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Northern Hemisphere: March 19-21
Southern Hemisphere: September 20-23
Pronounced: OH-star-ah
Themes: balance, renewal, action, beginnings, hope, new possibilities
Also known as: Alban Eiler, Rites of Spring, Eostra’s Day, Vernal Equinox, March Equinox, Spring Equinox, Lady Day, Bacchanalia

As the first solar Sabbat of the calendar year, Ostara marks the Spring Equinox, one of two points in the Sun’s journey at which day and night are of equal length. The Sun has crossed the “celestial equator,” and will shine on Earth for longer each day until it reaches its zenith at the Summer Solstice. For Earth’s inhabitants, this is a fortuitous moment, as the scarcity of winter comes to an end and the growing season begins in earnest. On the modern calendar, this is the first day of spring. Depending on where you live, there may still be snow on the ground, but the Earth is beginning to thaw and rivers rise and overflow their banks. Green grass and spring flowers emerge, lambs, rabbits and chicks are born, and the promise of further new life is felt on the breeze, which is milder than it was just a few weeks ago.

The waxing light is truly felt now, as the Sun’s power seems to quicken. The lengthening of the days, first perceived at Imbolc, seem to be growing at an even faster rate as the Sun sets later and further north with each passing day. But just at this moment, the light and the dark exist in equal measure, and this gives Ostara its primary theme of balance.

This balance is observed not only between night and day, but also generally in weather patterns—the harsh, bitter cold of winter is behind us and the relentless heat of summer has yet to arrive. In colder climates, it’s not unusual for spring and winter to take turns during these days, with one day feeling more like February and the next more like May. Nonetheless, the fertility of the Earth becomes more and more undeniable as the slow energies of winter give way to the fresh new vibrancy of spring.

This is a time to reunite with the Earth in a tactile way after many months spent largely indoors. Gardening begins in earnest now, as soil is prepared and seed trays are set out in the sunlight to sprout. Those who practice green Witchcraft may perform seed-blessing rituals if they did not already do so at Imbolc. Magical gardens are plotted out in order to grow the herbs, flowers and vegetables that will later be harvested for feasting, ritual and spellwork. As the first green shoots poke up through the soil, we truly begin the active half of the Wheel of the Year, turning our focus to outward action until the inward, passive half begins again at the Autumn Equinox.

Ostara is also a time to reflect on the balance between the male and female energies of the Universe, each of which requires the other to exist. This gender polarity is at the heart of traditional Wicca, with the Goddess and the God in constant co-creation throughout the changing of the seasons. At this point on the Wheel, the Goddess of the Earth is in her fertile Maiden aspect, while the Sun God grows into his maturity. There is a youthful joy between the two as they make their forays into romance and desire.

In some Wiccan traditions, this is considered the time when the divine pair comes together to conceive the next incarnation of the God, who will be born nine months later at Yule. In many others, the coupling of the divine pair happens at Beltane, when the new energies of growth and light have progressed further into wild abundance. Nonetheless, in Nature we see the mating of animals and insects is well underway as “spring fever” takes hold.