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The Magic of Metal: Gold

Natural History and Folklore

The Latin name for gold is Aurum, explaining the symbol. Gold was perhaps the first metal worked by humans. It’s purity, rarity and luster have made it the most sought after of all precious metals.

Throughout history alchemists have been attempting to turn other metals into gold, without success.

Chemical Information/ Toxicity
Chemical Symbol: Au           Melting Point: 1064*C / 1947*F
Atomic Number: 79                Boiling Point: 2856*C / 5137*F

Non-toxic with no known biological roles in the body.

Physical Properties

Gold is very ductile and a fine conductor of both heat and electrical currents. It also strongly reflects infrared radiation. It is one of the four metals not silver or grey in color, holding to its reddish yellow tint. It is highly malleable, not very reactive and decently resists corrosion. Gold is greatly insoluble and only solutions of sodium, potassium cyanide and nitro-hydrochloric acid can dissolve it. Gold is extremely dense.

Practical Uses

Since ancient times, gold has been coveted for jewelry, coinage and other arts and to this day its main use remains in the making of jewelry. It is widely used in the making of corrosion free electrical connectors, especially in computers. Some gold is even used in gold salts in medicines for anti-inflammatory properties.

Magical Associations/ Uses

Gold is commonly used in making magical amulets, owing to its protective properties. It is an ideal metal to use in magic pertaining to a change in one’s status or to bring money into one’s life. Its physical properties make it a metal to use for magic of change and longevity as well. Magic for confidence, authority, creativity, hope and rituals or spells involving sun deities.

Golds weight and density could also allow it to be used in a manner of magic designed to weigh someone down, or hold them back, or bind them. It can also be used in fertility magics or added to magical or ritual workings to increase the power behind them. Due to its beauty and traditional uses, gold can be used in magic related to appearances, and glamour magic in general. Gold rings are supposedly very helpful in healing magic.


  • The sun
  • Money
  • Intelligence
  • Purity
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Power
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Element: Fire

Alchemical Symbol

Image result for gold alchemical symbol
Fun Facts

Gold is so malleable it can be hammered into a nearly transparent thin sheet.

Gold on earth, all of it, came from meteorites 200 million years ago.

Gold and Mercury readily form an amalgam even at room temperature.

Iron Pyrite is what is known as ‘fool’s gold’

Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.

Gold medals at the Olympics in 1912 were entirely made of gold.