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Puppy Love

It has been quite an emotional week. I don’t even know where to start.

Thursday, I was at Mrs. CJ’s house warming up her heating pad when my mom called, and all I could hear was “Your dog is having a seizure, run home!” So I did exactly that. My poor beautiful pup was playing with my 15 year old sister and suddenly stopped responding to the squeak toy and my sister started petting her and, in her words ‘she put all her weight in my hand and started to crinkle up and shake’. When I got there she walked up to me and started licking my face but you could totally tell she was terrified and disoriented. The poor little angle. So I sat with her on my lap for a little bit and then she jumped down to lay in her favorite spot by the door-wall in the sunlight. As I am watching her, she starts voiding her bladder! Like she didn’t even know it was happening. That sort of freaked me out but not as much as when I scooted her away to clean it up and she threw up twice and voided her bowels all while laying down. At that point I was terrified and I laid her blanket out on the floor and brought her to it to lay down, along with her favorite toys and her water. I had my sister sit with her while I cleaned up, and then we called he emergency vet. They said those reactions are normal after a seizure and that she should start getting back to herself within 20 minutes. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. She is still sort of shaky and skittish too. We’ve been snuggling and napping and I am absolutely afraid to let her out of my sight. Also, you never notice how many weird things your dog does until you are afraid that every weird thing is a seizure coming about. I love her so much, and she is doing much better, back at her life goal of destroying every tennis ball that crosses her path.