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By Fire’s Light – Love Calling Spell

*A Spell to Call a Happy, Healthy Love to Come Your Way*

What You Need

  • Orange Peel – For joy
  • Eggshell Powder – Protection
  • Basil Leaves – Peace
  • Rose Petals – Love
  • Paper & Pen
  • Envelope
  • Piece of cloth (favorite color)
  • A bonfire/ fire safe dish

What to Do

  1. Prepare yourself for the spellwork. Ground, Center, call to whatever powers you work with, meditate, etc.
  2. Prepare the tools above and your workspace for the spell.
  3. Decorate the envelope as you see fit. Hearts. Your name. Pictures of things you like. Sigils for love. Anything you feel will help draw love to you. Symbols or images pertaining to the love you are seeking.
  4. Place the pieces of orange peel in the envelope, say “By citrus peels of sun’s orange glow, let joy and peace into my heart flow “
  5. Sprinkle a bit of eggshell powder into the envelope, say “Kept safe within a shell so white, let this love be protected, day and night“
  6. Place the chopped Basil or the Basil leaves within the envelope, say “On Basil’s leaves a peaceful love will grow, a calm and tender love I’ll know.”
  7. Place a few rose petals within the envelope, say “As roses grow upon the bush, Let my love grow with this wish.”
  8. Write a short calling to the universe for the love you seek on the piece of paper. Beyond what you seek in a partner, write out what you wish the love to be, to feel like, to bring you, to grow into. Fold it, kiss the paper, place it in the envelope.
  9. Seal envelope normally, or with wax or string. Wrap the cloth around the envelope, and hold it tight to your chest, envisioning yourself finding the love that you seek.
  10. Toss it into the fire if you’re doing it at a bonfire or light it aflame in the fire safe dish and watch it burn, as you do, say “By fire’s light, by moon, sun and star’s light, in flames and smoke, in earth and air, let this love I seek come back to me.”
  11. Repeat what you wrote on the paper as the smoke rises, and repeat the incantation as many times as you see fit.

*Disclaimer* This is NOT a spell for calling a specific person, but a summoning of love. It can be tweaked to be for any kind of love, romantic, platonic etc. you have to be open to these loves if you want them to come, and you have to actively seek the love as well. Meet people, make friends, take chances.

Good Luck and Happy Casting Witches!


The Basil Druid