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Early Greek physicians used mistletoe to treat tumors and epilepsy, but it was the Druids who really got the mistletoe magic going by feeding the leaves to cattle to guarantee fertility. Our modern tradition of kissing under the mistletoe may stem from the Romans, who held fertility rites beneath mistletoe plants. During the Middle Ages, mistletoe once again became popular in both medicine and folk magic. Twigs were hung in bundles to ward off demons, and it was also used to protect livestock from malevolent sorcery.

Parts Used: Flowers, leaves
Associated Element: Air
Magical Uses: Healing, fertility, protection
Rituals and Celebrations: Litha/summer solstice, Yule/winter solstice
Blends Well With: Apple blossom and peppermint for healing, basil and hyssop for protection
Substitutions: Holly
Often Used With: Shiva Lingam
Precautions: Mistletoe berries are poisonous and can be fatal if ingested. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using mistletoe altogether.
Applications: Place leaves in a pouch to tuck under the bed of a sick person or to be carried by a woman who’s having trouble conceiving. Hang a bundle of mistletoe in your home to bring love and abundance your way, or to end strife and discord in your family. Dress a blue candle in dried, powdered mistletoe leaves to burn for healing magic.