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Ask the Witch, Part Six


My question is, how important do you think belief in the supernatural is for being a witch? I’m mostly agnostic (although I’m generally fine with thinking that there are higher beings / forces, like nature or math), so I don’t believe in tarot or the idea that gods exist literally. I was wondering if that would “disqualify” me (for lack or a better term) from being part of that community. From my perspective, it seems like witchcraft is about taking the natural world and using it to do good (like making medicine from plants to help a sick person, or even things like treatments in hospitals as those still are using things from nature to work). So, that’s something I figured works either way (belief or no). Maybe “witch” just doesn’t accurately describe me, which is ok. I’m just curious as to what someone who has a deeper understanding would think. What do you think? I’m thinking of making a small altar in my dorm room next year, but I guess that doesn’t have to be witch-specific, so yeah.


I have good news for you!

The term witch does not mean you have to follow any specific deity. The term witchcraft simply means “religious practice involving magic and affinity with nature, usually within a pagan tradition”… therefore, your love for natural medicine and nature makes you a witch no mater what. Now as far as the ‘supernatural’ aspect goes, of course you don’t have to believe that a deck of cards can give you advice or guidance. You also don’t have to believe that you can communicate with spirits if that doesn’t seem right to you.

Being a witch, ugh ok the thing about witchcraft is that there are as many ways to practice it as there are people who practice it. What you believe and what you don’t believe define YOUR craft. there isn’t a right way to do it. It sounds like you are a very logical, science based person and it only makes sense that you incorporate that into your craft.

also, look up secular witchcraft. there is a good post about it here that I think really explains it well.

As far as making an altar, go for it! set up a little space of whatever makes you feel at peace with your craft. it doesn’t have to be ‘aesthetic’ or stereotypical. It just has to be you.

Ask the Witch, Part Five


Momma witch, can you have an alter out-side? And if so, is it ok to take it down during stormy weather and set back up later?



There is nothing wrong with honoring nature out in nature, and if it’s things that will be damaged if left out during inclement weather, pop it back in until it passes. I do the same with my flowers outside if I know it will be too cold at night for them. I just talk to them as I do it and say ‘just gonna keep you lil babies warm tonight’…. you know, like a crazy lady.

You could always get a little garden statue as well and plant flowers around it if that works for you. I had three little yoga frogs once upon a time that I kept out by my plants… Now I just occasionally light an incense by all my flowers out on my back patio.

Ask the Witch, Part Four


Hey!! I was wondering if you dealt with feelings of doubt/ feeling like a poser when you were first starting out? i’ve been interested in witchcraft for a long time- thinking about how much i’d love to honor the earth and seasons, and be more in touch with nature like those who practice witch craft tend to do. i finally realized that i CAN do those things through it. however, i find myself kind of doubting myself because i’m still very atheistic my beliefs.


Oh man can I just be candid and say heck yes all the freaking time, especially as a lil 14 year old who was shy and never spoke. I think the word ‘poser’ has a special place in hell, I mean, my heart because of my generation (thanks Avril Lavigne)

Anyways, to answer you seriously, yes. I wasn’t raised religious and I thought the idea of a person sitting in the sky that created all things was sort of ridiculous. Let’s be honest, I still do. To this day in my practice I don’t worship any specific deities. When I pray, I pray to the Goddess, and I like to envision her as all the Goddesses ever, all combined into one energy. I never felt drawn to any specific named God or Goddess, More so just the energy of them, and specifically the energy of the earth and nature. So that’s what my practice revolves around.

Just don’t doubt yourself because you see other people 100% devoted to a specific Pantheon or Deity. I STILL have a hard time seeing people say that so and so ‘called out to them’…. like really? this ancient GOD talked to you. You were talking to God? Like that thought is ridiculous to me but I also think it’s awesome????? Because who the hell am I to say someone’s experience didn’t happen. So I do still sometimes wonder if I’m just a big ole fake. But then I realize that I have moments like that too, where I am absolutely SURE that the universe is telling me things.

Ask the Witch, Part Three


Is there a good, authentic go-to herb book that I can buy with all their uses and stuff?I’m just starting out and I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for


Herbs have magickal and medicinal uses, and as I lean more towards green witchery, I tend to use their medicinal purposes as the magickal purpose as well.

Magickal uses:

  • Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs – Scott Cunningham

Medicinal uses:

  • Do-It-Yourself Herbal Medicine – Fall River Press
  • The Herb Gardner’s Essential Guide – Sandra Kynes (my fav, from planting, to harvesting and recipes for healing)
  • The Herbal Apothecary – Publications International, LTD

Ask the Witch, Part Two


What do you think about Gerald Gardener Wiccanism, now that the post about him being anti-lgbta and anti-trans came out? 2. What do you think about Satanism? 3. If you have a religion/diety, what is it and how’d you get introduced to it? 4. Do you sometimes get called “Grandma” on this site?



I hadn’t actually heard about that. I strayed from Wicca ages ago as it was far too structured for my liking. It has too much of ‘this is right, and this is wrong’ thing going on and that doesn’t leave much room for growth. I strongly believe that disliking someone based on their preferred gender or sexual preference is a huge flaw in character, and I can’t help but dislike people who are so closed minded.

I think Satanism is a very legitimate religion. It’s core values are not far off from I believe. However, I don’t actually know a whole lot more about it. I don’t have a good relationship with Christianity and I feel to recognize it’s ‘Satan’ is to give credit to Christianity. That being said, anyone who is christian or a satanist is not inherently bad, and I don’t automatically dislike them, because that would be wrong. As long as you are kind to others and respect what others believe I will absolutely adore you and be glad that you have found a path that calls to you and works for you.

I identify as Pagan, but I don’t really follow any one diety. I believe in the God, the Goddess and the All, or the combination of the two energies. I use the sun to represent the God, the moon for the Goddess, and the earth. I started on my path as a weird little kid who liked dark things and started secretly researching witchcraft after seeing movies like ‘the craft’. Then I was elated when I found out that it was an actual religion (I wasn’t raised to be religious, just mostly spiritual) and that I might have actually found a belief system that I fit into. Years and years of studying and research have me on this path I am on today. I’m sort of just making it up as I go.

No one has ever called me Grandma. It’s fitting, but man does it make me feel old. haha