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Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Lithium Quartz is a form of Quartz that contains inclusions of the mineral Lithium. This inclusion is responsible for producing the pale pink/mauve color.  Lithium has been used in pharmaceuticals to treat depression.   Therefore, Lithium Quartz is a great stone for those suffering from depression.  Lithium Quartz has a very powerful healing energy that resonates with all 7 Chakras and can be used to activate and cleanse each one.  It is a stone of balance for our brain and our emotions.  With its comforting and soothing energy, Lithium Quartz uplifts our spirit and calms our emotional body.  It helps to release repressed emotions and pent up anger and grief, encouraging us to heal our heart and liberate ourselves from the grip these sentiments have had on our wellbeing.  Use Lithium Quartz if you are feeling anxious, depressed or suffering from panic attacks to calm your mind and inspire your soul.



Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Titanium Quartz is the name given to Quartz Crystals that have been bonded with Titanium in a special vaporized chamber.  The bond is permanent and cannot be undone or scratched off.  This process results in a metallic rainbow of colors affixed to the crystal.  While the properties of Quartz still apply, Titanium Quartz also possesses additional metaphysical energies due to the electroplated Titanium and the rainbow of colors produced!  It enhances our physical and emotional strength resulting in improved confidence and self-esteem. Titanium Quartz helps us feel more focused and aware of our self and the environment in which we reside.  The rainbow of colors uplifts our spirits and brings a sense of joy and vitality into our lives.   Mentally, Titanium Quartz works to activate our analytical mind resulting in better reasoning skills and a more focused energy.  It improves upon our ability to relax and lighten up by allowing us to see humor in things and to just chill and enjoy the moment!


Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Celestial Quartz is also known as Candle Quartz and Pineapple Quartz.  It has a very strong vibration that works to align and clear every Chakra restoring us to a state of balance.  Celestial Quartz shines its light upon us bringing a sense of hope and comfort where we once felt lost and unhappy.  It opens our heart to love by helping to heal past wounds and remove any anxiety we have in our heart.  Additionally, it is believed to store Akashic Records revealing hidden truths and knowledge from our ancestors.  Despite its high vibration, Celestial Quartz has a grounding energy as well.  It is also known as a “Stone of Insight” connecting our conscious mind with our subconscious mind revealing hidden truths about the true nature of one’s self.  Lastly, Celestial Quartz is an abundance crystal.  It opens us spiritually and energetically to pursuing and receiving abundance in every aspect of our lives.


Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

A beautiful Quartz crystal permanently bonded with Platinum, Opal Aura Quartz radiates joy, hope and optimism!  With its intense vibration, it cleanses our Aura, balances and clears our Chakras and is a source of love and light. Opal Aura Quartz facilitates a deep meditative state of relaxation, which allows for newfound information to be received and retained.  A crystal of harmony and balance, Opal Aura Quartz unites us with the Divine and connects us to the cosmic consciousness of the Universe.


Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Rutilated Quartz has a very high vibration and works to clear and align all of the Chakras.  It helps us manifest our spiritual goals by energizing and clearing our aura while connecting us to our highest spiritual guides. Rutilated Quartz encourages us to remain diligent and determined throughout our journey.  It keeps us calm, collected and in control while managing difficult situations or people.  A great stone for therapists, counselors and teachers to filter out the negative energy of those they are working with while also helping them protect their energy while encountering the darker aspects of someone else’s psyche.  Rutilated Quartz helps us get to the core of our problems by promoting determination to face the truth head on and keeping us in control as we go through this daunting process.  It is a great stone to aid in manifesting your highest spiritual goals