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This crystal has the name and the colors of the ocean, and sailors used it for centuries to promote safe sea journeys and prevent drowning. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, and it is often used to make beautiful gemstone jewelry, prized for it’s stunning blue-green color.

Colors: Bluish green/greenish blue

Chakra: Heart, third eye, throat

Primary Uses: Provides courage, offers protection against negative energies, promotes safe travel, helps with phobias, lessens anxiety and fear, promotes speaking the truth, cleanses and strengthens the aura, overcomes judgement, aids in calming and relieving stress



Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Aquamarine has a very serene, calming energy that can assist with reducing stress, quieting an overactive mind and instilling an overall sense of peace.  Known for its connection to the Throat Chakra, Aquamarine opens the lines of communication, encouraging self-expression.  However, before doing so, Aquamarine soothes our innermost fears by helping us understand and interpret the underlying reason for our emotional blockages.  This inspires monumental personal growth allowing us to be honest and open communicators.  The unresolved, unfinished business that has been holding us back is now concluded, leaving behind the sense of closure that is necessary to heal, grow and inspire!