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Only Time Will Tell

The past two months have been absolutely crazy. I was struggling really really badly with my mental health there for a bit. Not to say that I am not now, but things have definitely gotten more manageable.

I’ve officially started selling stuff! I really badly want to one day grow into a brick and mortar store, but for now I will stick to selling cute things I make on the internet. I started selling my Charmed Charms officially when I went on my camping trip. For real, a life changing camping trip I tremendously needed. I sorted a few things out in my brain and that’s always good. This camping trip also lead to the next bit: I have jumped states and now live in Ohio, right on the border of Indiana. I took up an offer I could not refuse from a friend who learned just how bad it really was back at home.

So here I am, a Witch with her dog and a few boxes of things living in a whole different state and feeling better than I have ever felt. I can breathe freely, not be constantly told that I am a burden and worthless, AND eat whatever food in the house without fear of getting in trouble. This little town is so perfect, even Meika is loving it here. We aren’t loving the no AC but we are making the best of it by eating lots of frozen treats.

I can’t help but feel like I want to keep my life more private here, protecting myself from all the negativity that I don’t want to follow me. I don’t want to say I left some toxic friends behind, but I did abandon toxic relationships with them. I’m hoping this will serve as a big reset button and the friends that are mad at me for moving without saying anything will come to terms with the fact that I actually did something good for myself, for once. Maybe they will even be happy for me.

Mother May I

I guess I should write even though nothing new has been happening. Still in the sort of limbo of not wanting to die, but not wanting to exist anymore. I also don’t want to keep writing about how horrible everything is but alas, everything has not stopped being horrible.

I have been trying to keep myself busy with this website, and it’s been somewhat working. I decided I am gonna start selling handmade journals, so I have been dying a bunch of paper and practicing some binding techniques. It’s really calming to be artistic. Maybe I will eventually get it together enough to write a tutorial up or something.

Yesterday was Mother’s day and I had the hardest time. The past few have been hard, but I was doing ok, working good jobs, living on my own. This year was different. I spent a large portion of the day hiding under the covers crying. My mom eventually saw and I feel really bad about that, because I didn’t want my pain to effect her mother’s day. If I hadn’t suffered so much loss, she would have three little grand-babies to spoil her. She got her hopes up every single time, and I will never forget the moments I had to tell her that we lost them. I never told anyone about the first one, until the second one happened. I kept it bottled up. I was young and stupid. The second miscarriage, well that one was the most traumatic, go into work early for your gender reveal ultrasound and be told that the placenta is already breaking down. I came and found my mom at work and as she was walking out of the office she saw me coming and instantly noticed something was off and asked what was wrong… I told her I lost the baby and she broke down so bad that she collapsed. She literally fell into my arms, sobbing. Seeing that sort of pain in your mother is THE worst feeling. The ectopic pregnancy, I saw blood and rushed myself to the hospital from work. Got ahold of mom, but not until I had answers from the doctors. She was at a football game that my sister was cheering at. I remember trying not to get frustrated with her and telling her to get somewhere she could hear me. I told her I was in the hospital and “you didn’t get your hopes up again, did you?”…I could feel her soul collapse. She was sobbing and I told her that they were going to do emergency surgery and that I had my people with me and to come after the game, if she wanted to. I’m honestly shocked she didn’t pull my sister and leave right away.

My mom is the most amazing, loving, pure person I know. She goes through so much hell, and has lead a largely unhappy life just to make sure that us girls got the best we could, to make sure we always had a roof over our heads and food to eat. She is so incredible in the way that she has put her own happiness aside to make sure we thrived. It hasn’t always been the best of situations, and for a long time I resented her for making us deal with the things we had to deal with growing up. But then I became an adult, and I understood. I understood that even though I thought everything was terrible, it could have been so so much worse. She sacrificed her own happiness as well. I love her so much and I wish I could give her the whole world. I wish I could make up for all the years she has put up with being miserable, just to make sure that my sisters and I didn’t have it harder than it needed to be. I don’t know what I would do without that woman.

Time Flies When Everyday is the Same

Well, it’s accidentally been about a month since I’ve written anything personal. Whoops. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Too bad fun is nowhere to be found. The past month has been very difficult in terms of existing. There isn’t even a specific reason, that’s just the way my brain is working these days.

Mom held her annual Easter Egg Hunt this past Saturday, only it rained all day so we had to find a way to entertain and hide the eggs for SIXTEEN CHILDREN inside our crammed apartment. It ended up being a huge success, but man oh man was it exhausting. Mom always outdoes herself though, and every kid got about 30 eggs and played games for awesome prizes, as well as did arts and crafts. I’m still finding popped balloon bits all over the place.

I’ve been going to Mrs. CJ’s house and helping her out still. She’s the sweetest thing and we always end up talking about life. This summer I will be babysitting for my aunt 3 days a week and I may be babysitting for another neighbor as well, but she hasn’t confirmed anything with me. So at least I will still be making money. I still haven’t gotten my car fixed. Since parts actually fell off, it’s going to be over five hundred dollars to fix it. I’m saving but slowly, it’s nice to be able to buy my own snacks and the occasional book or whatever here and there. Especially since I am made to feel like a leach when I eat things that ‘they bought’. Just to clarify, I am not talking about my mom, she is the only one that makes me feel welcome here. I am so grateful for her and her patience with me.

In terms of this blog, I’ve invited a kindred spirit to the project of starting this coven. I think he will be a huge asset to the blog. He is also a Virgo so I trust him (sort of) to keep it organized. I think it’s gonna turn out to be pretty awesome, but I may be biased.

It’s Springtime Babyyyy

Just wanted to take a quick few minutes to say happy Ostara! This is my new baby Pothos I will be trying to keep alive, gifted to me from Mrs. CJ.

I have really been struggling the past few days with things like the will to live, so having a little plant baby to care for should help. I’m also looking forward for the ever growing amount of sunshine that’s about to be in my life.

Eager for Energy

I really want to write more than once a week, it’s just that I really don’t have anything going on. Other than going to Mrs. CJ’s every day and doing miscellaneous things for her. I don’t really see anyone, no one reaches out to me anymore. That’s the downside of going into depressive episodes, you pass and bail on so many invites, that the invites stop coming, even when you start feeling better. I’m not feeling 100% better yet though. It is still a huge effort for me to shower and find clean clothes, usually by the time I am done with that I am exhausted. I get my spontaneous good days though, usually when the sun is shining and I miraculously don’t have a migraine. They don’t coincide very often. On those days I want to take over the world, and then for example, I’ll go to one store with my sister and want to go to a bunch more, but we don’t because five minutes later I am sweating profusely and having a migraine aura and by the time we are back in the car I can barely move my head. What a day to not wear sunglasses. Not to mention that the next day my left arm was sore from HOLDING A FEW ARTICLES OF CLOTHING OVER IT WHILE I SHOPPED. If that doesn’t scream that I don’t get out much, then I don’t know what would, other than actual bedsores.

At least I have Meika though. My perfect pup is doing much better after that terrifying seizure last week. She is always by my side and even when we sleep, she has to be touching me. She will sleep back to back with me, with her head on the pillow. She usually burrows under the blankets and will curl up into my tummy or the back of my knees. Last night she migrated off her bed (which is on the left side of my bed, slightly loser than the pillow on that side) and she stretched and I woke up to a paw in the face. Can’t be mad though, she plays the cute card well.

I am planning a post about how I organize my Grimoire and what my process is for finding the right info to put in it. I’ll get around to it when I have the energy to take pictures and find the right words to explain it all.

Is it bad that I am so happy it’s Friday so that I can lay in bed for 2 days and not be disturbed?