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(Myristica fragrans)

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Pisces
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Deities: Danu (Irish Earth mother goddess), Cerridwen (Welsh goddess of prophecy and transformation)

A favorite winter spice for baked goods and hot drinks, what we know as nutmeg is actually the grated or powdered seed of an Indonesian evergreen tree. The herb known as mace comes from the same tree, and is derived from the covering of the seed. The nutmeg tree also produces a fruit, the skin of which can be used to make jellies and jams, but this is a more rare use for this exotic plant. The potent fragrance and taste of nutmeg are a testament to its overall power as a culinary, medicinal, and magical herb. The whole seeds were worn in charms and amulets in the Middle Ages for protection against malicious deeds and danger of all kinds. Some also believed it could attract admirers, and men would wear it in combination with wood, silver, or ivory to promote strength and energy. Medicinally, nutmeg can be used to aid digestion and appetite, as well as promoting restful sleep. Like mugwort, nutmeg is very potent and should be taken only in small doses—no more than 1 teaspoon is generally recommended. Large amounts can be toxic and even induce hallucinations, so be careful with this beloved spice! Magical uses for nutmeg include attracting money and prosperity, general good luck, protection, and dissolving of negative energy directed from another person. Try sprinkling nutmeg on a green candle in money spells, or anointing candles and/or other magical tools with a blend of nutmeg and other money-drawing essential oils. Like chamomile, nutmeg can help with games of chance, so gamblers will carry whole seeds for luck. You can also it in your pocket for luck during travel. Wrapped in a purple cloth, whole nutmeg can be used for success in legal matters. For enhanced meditation and/or divination, add powdered or grated nutmeg to a hot beverage to drink before the session, or rub a massage oil containing nutmeg into your temples. If you like to bake, start experimenting with adding nutmeg to banana bread, muffins, and other sweet treats. Place an intention into the dry mix of flour(s) and spices as you stir them together, and take note of how your personal energy shifts into a positive state when eating your magical creations! Nutmeg is also known as myristica.

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