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Also known as: Hagal, Hagall
Pronunciation: hah-gah-lahz
Letter sound: H
Translation: hail, hailstone
Keywords: destruction, chaos, interference, misfortune, transformation
Magical Uses: Protection, luck, quick transformations, success in navigating difficult situations, break unhealthy patterns

Primary Themes
The first rune of Hagal’s Aett translates to “hail,” and points to the fact that we cannot always control our circumstances. Even with all of the technology we possess in modern times, Nature can step in at any moment with destructive forces that flatten cities and even countries. Hailstorms may be brief and localized compared to larger natural disasters, but the balls of ice that pelt the ground can leave destruction in their wake, injuring people and animals and destroying entire crops. This certainly would have spelled disaster for any ancient community living off of the land. Hagalaz signifies these forces of chaos that cannot be controlled, whether they come in the form of sweeping disaster, illness, or simply unexpected problems or disruptions that interfere with your progress toward a goal. You cannot control or “fix” this interference—in other words, resistance is futile. While this may be a frustrating time, know that your course is being corrected for reasons beyond your understanding. You may be being forced into taking a new approach, which will become clear with patience and perseverance, as well as an ability to analyze your situation without attachment to the outcome. If the reading is generally positive, then the chaos may be interpreted at the lower end of the spectrum—a temporary interruption rather than an unexpected, life-altering development. If the runes close to Hagalaz are negative, then the trouble may be more severe or have long-lasting implications. If your reading is about a new project or endeavor, you may not want to start just yet.

Additional Meanings
Hail is a temporary phenomenon, beginning and ending as water in a liquid state. Hagalaz can signify a significant change that may be rocky at first, but ultimately the transformation that results from this experience will leave you better off. Important shifts are taking place for you, whether materially, emotionally, or spiritually. But for new creation to occur, what is old must be dismantled. Hagalaz has no reversed meaning.


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