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Rubus idaeus, Rubus strigosus

Raspberries make a delicious addition to a healthy, natural diet, but don’t overlook the leaves when you next harvest these tasty little fruits. Raspberry leaf is an effective, safe remedy for cold and flu symptoms. It also has a long, successful history of being used in teas for relieving menstrual discomfort. As a uterine tonic, raspberry tea can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy.
Parts Used: Leaves
Precautions: Although raspberry leaf is safe for the entire family to use, green leaves can cause nausea. Ensure that raspberry leaves are completely dried before use.
Identifying/Growing: With their thorny canes and toothed, deeply ridged leaves, raspberry and black raspberry plants grow wild in many places throughout the world. White, purple, or pink flowers give way to`hard green berries that ripen into delicious purple or ruby-red morsels. Whatever variety you wildcraft or cultivate, all offer similar medicinal properties. You can obtain raspberry bushes from your local nursery and plant them in a sunny spot in your garden or yard. Cover them with a protective net to keep the birds from eating your berries, and harvest the leaves as they mature.

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