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The tiger’s eye stone gets its name from its brownish-tan or gold colors with black banding. Tiger’s eye can be used to enhance overall energy and general physical health, as well as in rituals related to self-confidence, courage, and inner strength. If you need to see something clearly before making a decision, incorporate tiger’s eye.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Clarity, healing, self-confidence, strength
Rituals and Celebrations: Litha
Often Used With: Amethyst, catnip, cinnamon, feverfew, hematite, peppermint, yarrow
Associated Colors: Brown, gold, yellow
Applications: Wear a tiger’s eye pendant to help boost your courage and confidence when you’re walking into new, unfamiliar situations. Carry a piece in your pocket along with amethyst and hematite to filter out the negative energy of those who might try to sabotage your success. To give your tiger’s eye a bit of additional power, place it outside in the afternoon sun for a few hours, but bring it in before dusk.

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