Celebrating Mabon

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The cornucopia is an excellent place to start when it comes to your own Mabon celebration. You can make your own completely from scratch or buy a horn-shaped basket and fill it with fresh autumn produce, nuts, herbs, flowers and even crystals to place on your altar.

Use it in ritual to express gratitude for the abundance in your life, and/or in spellwork for abundance and prosperity. You can also leave it outdoors at night as an offering to the animals and faeries, and bury whatever isn’t eaten by the end of the following day. The cornucopia also makes an excellent gift and a way for you to share the bounty in your life with others.

Coven rituals at Mabon often focus on balance and on giving thanks for life’s blessings, particularly those that have come to pass over the past several months. New or continuing goals may be identified for the next and final harvest at Samhain. The Mabon feast is particularly lavish as we are at the height of the harvest season. Food is often shared with shelters and other organizations on behalf of the less fortunate.

There is also an acknowledgment of the coming dark, with thanks given to the retreating Sun. In some traditions, it is time to actively welcome the dark, and to honor spirits and aging deities—especially Crone goddesses—in preparation for Samhain.

For Witches who tend gardens, now is the time to harvest what is ready, tend what is still growing, and collect and save seeds for next year’s crops. You might make an offering to nature spirits with some of your bounty, or offer seeds, grains and acorns or cider.

Be sure to spend quality time outdoors, drinking in the last of the sunshine. Gather brightly colored leaves to place on your altar, and give thanks to the Goddess and God for the graceful beauty with which they bring the light half of the year to a close. For spellwork, consider goals related to harmony and balance, as well as protection, prosperity, and self-confidence.

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