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Hyssopus officinalis

Hyssop is a reliable antiviral and expectorant herb that proves valuable during cold and flu season. Suitable for treating bronchitis and sinus infections too, this sweet-smelling member of the mint family makes a wonderful addition to teas and decoctions.
Parts Used: Leaves and flowers
Precautions: Do not use hyssop if you are pregnant or have epilepsy.
Identifying/Growing: This fragrant perennial herb has smooth, narrow leaves and white, pink, or royal blue flowers on tall stalks. It is not often found in the wild but is very easy to grow in most places. Plant your seeds or seedlings in full sun, and give each one at least 12 inches of space to spread out. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, and treat the plants to a side dressing of compost each fall. Snip the leaves and blossoms as needed. If you want more hyssop to grow, you can allow it to self-seed, or you can collect the seed capsules after they have dried on top of the plants.

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