Water Personalities

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People with Water as a dominant Element are the most naturally psychic of all the Elemental personalities. Even if they don’t realize the source of their intuition and intense feeling, they can be incredibly sensitive to the moods and energies of others, whether those people are in the same room, or, in the case of those they’re emotionally close to, very far away on the physical plane. Water people tend to have a deep understanding of the makeup and motives of the human psyche, and make for good healers and listeners. They are generally creative types, with mystical leanings and an appreciation for the sensual. The energy of Water allows them to be more at home in their emotions than others, which is essentially a prerequisite to being an artist of any kind. Water people love to be in love, and are immersed in the connections they form with others. The challenges of carrying Water energy include intense emotionality and difficulty maintaining psychic boundaries. Water people can be overly sensitive, to the point that they are essentially immobilized by all of the stimuli around them and risk drowning in other people’s emotions and energies. Depression can be a recurring issue for Water people, as can obsession with wanting to know the unknown before such knowing is possible. Indeed, a drawback of the high levels of psychic activity in Water is that they get accustomed to accessing information unavailable through the usual five senses, and they can get stuck seeking answers to questions they just aren’t meant to have answered at the time. They may also unintentionally give away too much of their power to negative people who feed off their kindness and loving natures, and thus become drains on the energies of others. Some natural Water bodies are stagnant, which, while beneficial for some life forms, is unhealthy for humans to drink. Likewise, Water people can succumb to laziness and lethargy if their energy frequencies are too low. Earth energy is a good starting point for Water people who need balance, as the ground can absorb excess Water. Fire, Water’s opposite, can shed light into the shadows, raise the frequency, and brighten the mood.

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