Milk Thistle

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Silybum marianum

Milk thistle is such a potent detoxifier that it has gained popularity even outside herbal medicine circles. It contains high levels of silymarin, which helps regenerate damaged liver cells while providing protection from viruses and toxins. If you drink alcohol frequently or take harsh drugs, consider adding milk thistle to your daily regimen.
Parts Used: Seeds
Precautions: Overuse can lead to mild diarrhea
Identifying/Growing: Milk thistles grow to 7 feet tall. Their large, shiny white-veined leaves make them easy to distinguish from other thistle cultivars, but their purple flowers have a similar appearance. You can easily grow milk thistle in most climates. Direct seed in early spring or late summer, keep the site watered, and allow the plants to grow. Harvest the seed heads when the flowers fade, before the wind carries the seeds away.

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