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Melissa officinalis

As part of the mint family, lemon balm is an easy herb to grow and can be used to make a light and refreshing summer tea. However, it also has a number of magical purposes, including love charms and spells, healing rituals, and development of your psychic abilities. If you choose to grow your own, keep it in a pot—lemon balm will run wild if left to its own devices.

Parts Used: Leaves
Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Love, healing, psychic development
Rituals and Celebrations: Healing rituals, Litha/summer solstice celebrations
Blends Well With: Hyssop or lavender for healing, mugwort for psychic development
Substitutions: Mint, verbena
Often Used With: Clear quartz, garnet, hematite
Precautions: Lemon balm may occasionally cause drowsiness when ingested by people taking certain medications such as sedatives or insulin; check with your healthcare professional before taking lemon balm internally.
Applications: For use in healing magic, dress a yellow candle in oil and roll it in dried and powdered lemon balm leaves to tap into the power of the sun for an energy boost, or use it with a blue candle for rituals related to mental health issues. Place the leaves under the pillow of someone who is sick to fend off illness.


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