Ask the Witch, Part Six


My question is, how important do you think belief in the supernatural is for being a witch? I’m mostly agnostic (although I’m generally fine with thinking that there are higher beings / forces, like nature or math), so I don’t believe in tarot or the idea that gods exist literally. I was wondering if that would “disqualify” me (for lack or a better term) from being part of that community. From my perspective, it seems like witchcraft is about taking the natural world and using it to do good (like making medicine from plants to help a sick person, or even things like treatments in hospitals as those still are using things from nature to work). So, that’s something I figured works either way (belief or no). Maybe “witch” just doesn’t accurately describe me, which is ok. I’m just curious as to what someone who has a deeper understanding would think. What do you think? I’m thinking of making a small altar in my dorm room next year, but I guess that doesn’t have to be witch-specific, so yeah.


I have good news for you!

The term witch does not mean you have to follow any specific deity. The term witchcraft simply means “religious practice involving magic and affinity with nature, usually within a pagan tradition”… therefore, your love for natural medicine and nature makes you a witch no mater what. Now as far as the ‘supernatural’ aspect goes, of course you don’t have to believe that a deck of cards can give you advice or guidance. You also don’t have to believe that you can communicate with spirits if that doesn’t seem right to you.

Being a witch, ugh ok the thing about witchcraft is that there are as many ways to practice it as there are people who practice it. What you believe and what you don’t believe define YOUR craft. there isn’t a right way to do it. It sounds like you are a very logical, science based person and it only makes sense that you incorporate that into your craft.

also, look up secular witchcraft. there is a good post about it here that I think really explains it well.

As far as making an altar, go for it! set up a little space of whatever makes you feel at peace with your craft. it doesn’t have to be ‘aesthetic’ or stereotypical. It just has to be you.

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