The Magic of Metal: Bronze

Natural History and Folklore

The Bronze Age began around 2100 BC and changed the evolution of mankind by hearkening a leap in technological advancements in tools. As ‘cold iron’ was said to be baneful to the fae and other mythical creatures, as it represented a break away from the natural, so too could bronze share this ideaology. Bronze mirrors were a symbol of great beauty around the world.

Chemical Information/ Toxicity
Chemical Symbol:   N/A         Melting Point: 950*C / 1,742*F
Atomic Number:     N/A         Boiling Point: 2300*C / 4172* F

Physical Properties

Bronze is an alloy made from 85% copper and 15% tin. It shares the physical properties of both tin and copper, making it a useful metal for cooks, metallurgists and artists. It is stronger than both of its base metals though. Tin darkens the brightness of copper to a reddish brown that can be polished to shining tan. It also has antibacterial properties.

Due to the copper in bronze, as it is exposed to air, it oxidizes and builds up a patina to protect the metal beneath. It is a highly ductile metal that exhibits low amounts of friction against other metals.

Practical Uses

Today bronze is used much as it was in previous eras for decorative purposes, but also now for automobile parts and for piping. Is is also utilized in the electrical industry for electrical contacts, in the production of ships propellers, and in making musical instruments.

Magical Associations/ Uses

Bronze would be useful in protection magics, spellwork to inspire creativity, in magic for employment or money, to increase your social status, sound magic, communication spells, general resilience, and opening doors of all kinds. It can also be used in spells and rituals for courage or a stronger sense of self.

If gold is the sun, and silver the moon, perhaps the brown of bronze represents the earth. As it was a key aspect of human technological advancement, it can be used in magic for moving forward, for growth and for grand changes in general.


  • Grand endeavors
  • Courage
  • Practicality
  • imagination/ creativity
  • protection/ resilience
  • collaboration
  • Sound magic/ music
  • Money
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Venus & Jupiter

Fun Facts

Most bronze today is made from copper and other metals (aluminum and zinc) as opposed to tin.

China, Egypt and Mesopotamia made a great deal of profit during the Bronze Age.

Historians don’t know the precise reason for the collapse of the Bronze Age, just that it ended abruptly.


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