Ask the Witch, Part Four


Hey!! I was wondering if you dealt with feelings of doubt/ feeling like a poser when you were first starting out? i’ve been interested in witchcraft for a long time- thinking about how much i’d love to honor the earth and seasons, and be more in touch with nature like those who practice witch craft tend to do. i finally realized that i CAN do those things through it. however, i find myself kind of doubting myself because i’m still very atheistic my beliefs.


Oh man can I just be candid and say heck yes all the freaking time, especially as a lil 14 year old who was shy and never spoke. I think the word ‘poser’ has a special place in hell, I mean, my heart because of my generation (thanks Avril Lavigne)

Anyways, to answer you seriously, yes. I wasn’t raised religious and I thought the idea of a person sitting in the sky that created all things was sort of ridiculous. Let’s be honest, I still do. To this day in my practice I don’t worship any specific deities. When I pray, I pray to the Goddess, and I like to envision her as all the Goddesses ever, all combined into one energy. I never felt drawn to any specific named God or Goddess, More so just the energy of them, and specifically the energy of the earth and nature. So that’s what my practice revolves around.

Just don’t doubt yourself because you see other people 100% devoted to a specific Pantheon or Deity. I STILL have a hard time seeing people say that so and so ‘called out to them’…. like really? this ancient GOD talked to you. You were talking to God? Like that thought is ridiculous to me but I also think it’s awesome????? Because who the hell am I to say someone’s experience didn’t happen. So I do still sometimes wonder if I’m just a big ole fake. But then I realize that I have moments like that too, where I am absolutely SURE that the universe is telling me things.

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