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Also known as: Kano, Ken, Kaun, Kaunan
Pronunciation: kay-nahz
Letter sound: K
Translation: beacon, torch, fire, fire brand
Keywords: light, heat, illumination, breakthrough, creative fire
Magical Uses: Creativity, inspiration, healing, love, balanced relationships, adds power to runic talismans

Primary Themes
In the millennia before electricity was discovered, fire was the only man-made source of heat and light. Kenaz stands for the fire brand, or torch, which people used to heat and illuminate their dwellings, and carried from place to place to light their way. This rune represents the light in the darkness, as well as the warmth that fire provides. On a metaphysical level, this is also the light of knowledge and enlightenment. Drawing this rune indicates that you are or will be experiencing a breakthrough in some area of your life that has caused you confusion or anguish. Higher guidance is with you now, bringing enlightenment and clarity. You will be able to reconsider your situation in light of new information or understanding, which will allow you to make any necessary changes to your approach. Be sure to take the lessons of your enlightenment to heart. Allow the power and energy of this illuminating experience to open the way for you and propel you along your path. Reversed, Kenaz indicates that you are feeling left out in the cold or in the dark in some way. You may be experiencing a sense of a spiritual void, or lack of connection to the inner knowledge of your higher self. Often something is ending—a relationship, a career, or some other enterprise. You are advised to trust that this ending is for your highest good. Do not cling to the old circumstances. Know that the period of darkness that comes with endings is necessary, so that a new source of light can come into your life.

Additional Meanings
Kenaz also denotes the fire of creative action and artistry. This is a good time to begin creative projects. Prior obstacles to productivity have been cleared away and you now have optimal energy and passion for your creative work. Harness the power of the forge—where raw materials are transformed into valued objects—to bring your projects to fruition. In this context, Kenaz reversed indicates a lack of creative inspiration and feeling blocked. You may need to tend to your inner self in a different way in order to rekindle the fire. In a reading centered on romantic situations, Kenaz points to a new relationship beginning, while Kenaz reversed signifies a parting of ways. Often, the emphasis is on the masculine aspects of the relationship. Kenaz reversed can also warn of the destructive powers of fire, such as an unhealthy emphasis on lust or a lack of groundedness in the throes of passion. Keep your balance lest you get burned.

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