Earth Personalities

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People with Earth as their dominant Element tend to be practically-minded, and are considered to be “sensible” by their peers. Oriented to the physical manifestations of reality as we know it, Earth people tend to place emphasis on what can be proven through the experience of the five senses, rather than on more subtle, less easily-perceived phenomena. They tend to be reliable, productive, and disciplined, with an innate sense for the workings of the material world and a methodical approach to work that enables them to achieve material security with greater ease than other Elemental personalities. They value stable and long-term friendships and make for honest and kind friends. The challenge for Earth people is to not let their practicality and desire for structure to keep them from discovering and reveling in life’s mysteries, or accessing their own emotional states. Too much Earth energy can lead to becoming rigid or narrow-minded, actually limiting our potential for growth by closing ourselves off to higher-frequency energies that inspire us with new perspectives and motivate us to set our sights on new horizons. People who are described as being “stubborn as a rock” or behaving like “a stick in the mud” are probably exhibiting an excess of Earth energy, and would benefit from loosening up and allowing themselves more access to mystery and joy. They may not always realize that security is, like everything else, ultimately impermanent, that growth is cyclical, and that there are always unseen forces which we may not be able to control, but can make an effort to better understand. Even the most sensible habits and patterns of living can become overly rigid, and without a certain amount of flexibility it can be hard to navigate the occasional interference that life throws our way. The Earth itself manifests the inevitability of disruption in the form of earthquakes, a phenomenon echoed in the phrase “shaken up” to describe how we feel when unexpected events wreak havoc on the seeming predictability of our daily lives. “Uprooted” is another Earth-related metaphor for how we experience moving from a place we’ve called home or changing jobs. We are, as human beings, oriented to the ground, and it can be difficult for those with Earth as their dominant energy to feel comfortable in the face of dynamic change.

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