Ask the Witch, Part Two


What do you think about Gerald Gardener Wiccanism, now that the post about him being anti-lgbta and anti-trans came out? 2. What do you think about Satanism? 3. If you have a religion/diety, what is it and how’d you get introduced to it? 4. Do you sometimes get called “Grandma” on this site?



I hadn’t actually heard about that. I strayed from Wicca ages ago as it was far too structured for my liking. It has too much of ‘this is right, and this is wrong’ thing going on and that doesn’t leave much room for growth. I strongly believe that disliking someone based on their preferred gender or sexual preference is a huge flaw in character, and I can’t help but dislike people who are so closed minded.

I think Satanism is a very legitimate religion. It’s core values are not far off from I believe. However, I don’t actually know a whole lot more about it. I don’t have a good relationship with Christianity and I feel to recognize it’s ‘Satan’ is to give credit to Christianity. That being said, anyone who is christian or a satanist is not inherently bad, and I don’t automatically dislike them, because that would be wrong. As long as you are kind to others and respect what others believe I will absolutely adore you and be glad that you have found a path that calls to you and works for you.

I identify as Pagan, but I don’t really follow any one diety. I believe in the God, the Goddess and the All, or the combination of the two energies. I use the sun to represent the God, the moon for the Goddess, and the earth. I started on my path as a weird little kid who liked dark things and started secretly researching witchcraft after seeing movies like ‘the craft’. Then I was elated when I found out that it was an actual religion (I wasn’t raised to be religious, just mostly spiritual) and that I might have actually found a belief system that I fit into. Years and years of studying and research have me on this path I am on today. I’m sort of just making it up as I go.

No one has ever called me Grandma. It’s fitting, but man does it make me feel old. haha

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