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Key words: Clearing, Protection, Vitality
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire

Also called heliotrope, bloodstone is a deep, earthy green stone, usually speckled with bright-to-brownish red and sometimes gold. The green may also occur as greenish-blue to greenish-black, and may be translucent or opaque, depending on where it is found. Bloodstone gets its name from a myth about the crucifixion of Christ—that some of Christ’s blood fell on some green jasper stones. Some specimens may almost entirely lack the red inclusions, but holding bloodstone up to bright light can reveal colors not seen in ordinary light. Bloodstone is a powerful crystal for blasting through negative, distracting, or excessive emotions in order to get to the truth of a situation. It helps to calm the mind and dispel confusion for better decision-making. Its energy is practical, strong, and grounding, and good for helping you return to the present moment after too much worry about the future or regret about the past. This makes it a good stone for heightening intuition, as we can only really hear our inner wisdom when we are still and centered in the present. Bloodstone has been used in magic to reduce emotional and mental stress, stimulate kundalini energy, and psychic healing. It is also used in rituals to honor the Goddess and for seeking information about past lives from dreams. Many use bloodstone as an aid in banishing negative energy, as well as in weather magic—drawing on the power of a strong wind or rainstorm to increase strength and courage or wash away unwanted habits or patterns. It’s good for fertility and attracting money, and excellent for manifesting healing of all kinds. Wear or carry it to increase mental clarity and calm the mind, and for strength when adjusting to change. As a booster of energy levels, bloodstone is also good for physical endurance, and makes a good luck charm for those involved in sports competitions.


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