Ask The Witch, Part One


Merry meet! Baby witch here! I was wondering if you had any tips for good travel protection spells or enchantments? My fiancée and I travel a good bit and I haven’t been able to find any consistency in any of the ones I’ve found. Hope you are having a good day!


OoOoOoooooo I love a good reason to be surrounded by all my books! I’m not sure what kind of travelling you will be doing but I came up with some pretty cool stuff (idk maybe not, my opinion is biased lol)

General Protection Correspondences:

Stones – Fire agate, amber, amethyst, bloodstone (enhances ability to act in the present moment), boji stone, chiastolite, iron pyrite (this will deflect harm and danger if worn as a necklace), jade (gives an extra good luck boost), jet (again as a necklace), kunzite, labradorite, obsidian, lapis lazuli, moonstone.

Herbs – dill, comfrey, pepper and angelica are all great for protection, and caraway is a strong theft deterrent.

You can always wear the stones listed, or sprinkle the better smelling herbs in with your luggage (“what do you have in here, rocks?” is something my mom said to me once about my purse… “uh yeah mom, I do”). Simple little talismans go a longgg way, so long as they are charged properly for the purpose you are intending.

I think my favorite idea that came to me is making an elixir to mist over your belongings, and even to drink if you’re going to be venturing out on the town.

*place a cleansed container of purified water in the center of your working space, you will be making a crystal grid around it to infuse it with some powerful protection energies. Pro Tip (and by pro I mean poor and can’t afford as many crystals as it will take to make a grid): take what you do have, and circle them around your container of water, and don’t forget about crystals you may already have that enhance the strength of other crystals, like clear quartz. Use candles in white (or other colors that make you feel safe) as well as herbs. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and complicated. Just make a pretty circle around it and make sure your intention is clear.

Stones that I would use are Angelite (don’t put in water, WILL FADE AND BE SAD STONE). It is a powerful stone for protecting the body and your environment. It raises your conscious awareness and that is key to travelling safely. Having been raised by a police officer I was always taught to be hyper aware of your surroundings (especially if you look like a tourist because that just puts a target on you…hmm I wonder why I am always so anxious….) ANYWAYS, I would also use some Sardonyx, it is great for crime prevention (has another use I will get to in a minute here, double whammy for the win). Prehnite is also an amazing stone, it enhances precognition and attunes you to be prepared, this alone with angelite would be the ultimate powerhouse of making sure you aren’t taken advantage of while abroad. Oh! I almost forgot to mention Garnet, IT STRENGTHENS SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, so you know, Goddess forbid shit hits the fan, you have an enhanced ability to think fast.

MOVING ON. We don’t want to forget about keeping your homestead safe while you aren’t there!

Circling back to the Sardonyx, If you have two of them, recharge them with your intention after the elixir and place one at each side of the front door threshold before you leave. Magickal crime prevention folks! (Also,be smart and don’t forget to tell your trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye out. AND SET YOUR ALARM SYSTEM. The stones will not call and tell you if something does happen)

Another good one is an anointing oil to put on all entry ways into your home, like windows, side doors, and those creepy cellar door things that go into the basement, usually only seen in scary movies.

Just use equal parts sandalwood and lily, enchant it with a little rhyme and a lil dab here and a lil dab there and bam, home is protected.

*I highly recommend always writing your own spells, enchanments etc, Putting your brain power (AKA energy) into it makes it soooo much more powerful. It’s really invaluable. BUT IF YOU HAVE WRITERS BLOCK TRY THIS:

This home will be protected
while I am away,
This oil will keep
intruders at bay,
Safe my home will stay.
So mote it be.

(don’t judge, I too, am terrible at writing my own)

I hope this helps inspire you! The best part of magick is being creative about how you use your resources. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what tools you have, it is 100000% about what you intend them to do. If you are literally have nothing, go outside, meditate on your intentions and ask the earth to fill you with that energy. It really is that simple.

Happy Travels!!!!


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