Tiger’s Eye

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Key Words: Clarity, Balance, Vitality
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Earth and Fire

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone of light to dark brown with gold highlights and dark brown to black banding, which, when polished, resembles the shimmering stripes of a tiger and creates a similar “eye” effect to that of malachite. As an “eye stone,” it was regarded by the ancient Egyptians and Romans as a stone of protection as well as “second sight,” allowing its wearer to see beyond the physical limits of doors and walls. The energy of tiger’s eye is excellent for soothing and resolving emotional turmoil, as it helps you observe emotional patterns from a more distanced, objective standpoint. Witnessing the larger picture of a situation, including the viewpoints and circumstances of others involved, helps facilitate the release of emotions that may be blocking your ability to leave the situation behind and evolve into higher levels of consciousness. Tiger’s eye is helpful in this regard for its ability to help you
separate fantasy (which arises from emotion) from the reality of the situation. This energy is also good for helping you gather focus and renewed energy when pursuing a goal, especially one that is relatively long-term and complex. It promotes courage, strength, and the ability to see things with true optimism. Magical uses for tiger’s eye include invigorating overall energy and physical health, as well as spellwork for courage and self-confidence. It’s good in rituals related to emotional clarity and for protection and grounding. As a “reality” stone, it is also a prosperity stone—its grounding properties help curb temptations toward gambling or other impulsive spending, and improve the ability to attract wealth through practicality and focus. Many people carry tiger’s eye for good luck, as well as increased psychic “radar” to cut through any deceptions or illusions created by others. Additionally, this stone
has been used by those with affinities for tigers and other big cats as a prayer stone for their conservation and well-being in the wild as well as in sanctuaries.

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