Yule Correspondences

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Colors: red, green, gold, silver, white, orange
Stones: bloodstone, garnet, emerald, diamond, ruby, clear quartz
Herbs: bayberry, blessed thistle, frankincense, chamomile, mistletoe, ivy, rosemary, all evergreens, oak and holly trees
Flowers: sunflowers, dried flowers from summer
Incense: frankincense, cedar, juniper, pine, cinnamon, myrrh, bayberry
Altar decorations/symbols: candles, evergreen wreaths and boughs, holly, mistletoe, pinecones, Yule log, snowflakes, pinwheels, yellow discs, other solar symbols and imagery
Foods: fruits, nuts, baked goods, cider, spiced cider, eggnog, ginger tea, wassail

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