Rose Quartz

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Key words: Love, Self-awareness, Balance, Transformation
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

A pink variety of quartz crystal, Rose quartz is universally associated with love and relationships, including friendship. In Greek legend, this stone was brought to the people of Earth by Eros, the god of love, in hopes of inspiring love among them and dissipating the anger that caused them to remain lonely and apart. It has been used in love talismans since ancient times, often carved into hearts and given as a gift to a loved one. Rose quartz can vary slightly in appearance, from translucent to opaque pink, and the brightness of the color can depend on the amount of sun exposure the crystal has experienced. However, even the palest of these stones has great power. Rose quartz has a nurturing energy and is good for recovering from emotional upset. It strengthens compassion and the ability to forgive others for past wrongs, which is necessary for inner peace and for attracting positive, healthy relationships. It promotes the ability to accept yourself just as you are, and to accept other just as they are. Rose quartz is good for spellwork devoted to all things love-related, including the love of friendship, whether you’re working to bring new
love into your life, or heal from old relationship issues. It’s also helpful for grounding yourself after spellwork or divination. Placed by the bed, it promotes the restoration of trust and harmony, and is great for both children and adults as a sleep crystal. Place one under a child’s pillow to relieve nightmares and/or fear of the dark. Rose
quartz is also a good crystal to have near your computer, as it helps prevent eye fatigue and resulting headaches. Adding it to a magical bath promotes feelings of overall well-being and release from emotional troubles.

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