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Key words: Grounding, Self-awareness, Creativity, Vitality
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

With its rich red-orange-to-orange coloring, Carnelian was known to the ancient Egyptians as “the setting sun.” Single pieces of this stone can actually include several shades between red-orange and golden yellow, and are sometimes streaked with white. Used in Egyptian magic as protection against the evil eye, it was also carried by the Romans for protection and courage. Carnelian’s energy is bold and joyful, encouraging and empowering, making it a great stone for any situation in which you need a strong boost of positive personal power. Carnelian also has a grounding influence, helping to anchor us in the present moment and therefore make better use of the high-level energy it provides. It can calm anger and replace it with new enthusiasm for life. Its energy is good for endurance, motivation, courage, and passion—traits that bring success in whatever endeavor you’re hoping to succeed in. It helps overcome procrastination and helps you move from the dreaming/planning phase of a project to the action required to get it done. Creative types can benefit from carnelian’s ability to move past creative blocks and manifest
one’s inner vision in the outer world, particularly when one’s “inner critic” is the main obstacle. Carnelian helps those struggling with indecision to make a choice and act on it, bringing them closer to achieving their goals. Wiccans have long recognized carnelian’s assistance with grounding and aligning with one’s spiritual guides, and it makes a good talisman against “psychic attack,” or negative thoughts projected by others. It’s also good for spellwork related to love and to invigorating a relationship with new sexual passion. As a motivator and activator, it is said to
attract prosperity and is good for money-making ventures. Some use it to guard their homes from theft, storms, fires, or other damage. It is also known as the “Singer’s Stone,” and can promote confidence in people performing on stage. Most often, however, it’s worn to enhance desire, passion, and love.

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