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Also known as: Perdhro, Pertho, Pertra, Perthu
Pronunciation: pair-throh
Letter sound: P
Translation: [unknown]
Keywords: mystery, secrets, revelation, chance
Magical Uses: Good luck in gambling, protect business investments, divination, health and healing, foster spiritual clarity, fertility

Primary Themes
Of all the runes, Perthro is the most mysterious. Its meaning has never been agreed upon by scholars, but the symbol is often interpreted as a receptacle used for casting lots, such as a modern-day dice cup. As such, Perthro is associated with divination and the use of the runes as a means of discovering hidden knowledge. Drawing Perthro can indicate that things are not quite as they seem, and that something previously unknown is about to be revealed. This could be a secret someone has been keeping, or it could be a spiritual truth that has been hidden from you until now. You are advised to pay attention to the signs and signals that your intuition is picking up on. Now is also a good time to pursue any esoteric interests, such as learning more about magic or about communication with the higher realms. If you’ve been wrestling with a stubborn conundrum, Perthro may be signaling a need to go within to find the answers you’re seeking. Spend time meditating, go for a long walk, or find other ways to attune with the Universal energies that get obscured by the mental clutter of modern life. Clearing your mind allows the enlightenment you need to arise naturally, without effort. Trust in the mysteries of the unknown, and all will be revealed in due time. Perthro reversed may indicate an unpleasant surprise or revelation. It could also point to a secret that you are holding onto, which is becoming harder to keep, or an unhealthy focus on something from the past. Alternatively, it may be cautioning you not to expect too much at this time, or to get attached to outcomes. You may be wasting energy by focusing on external circumstances rather than allowing your happiness to come from within. If the overall reading is unclear, Perthro reversed may be telling you to hold off from divination for now, and come back to the runes at a later time.

Alternate Meanings
Perthro can also be interpreted as “chance,” in the sense of a surprise or an unexpected positive development. In this context, Perthro reversed indicates potential disappointment, so avoid taking risks at this time, especially involving money. Depending on the context of the reading, Perthro can also point to fertility, pregnancy, and/or birth, as the receptive shape of the symbol has been associated with the womb. Some Neopagan traditions view Perthro as the womb of the Mother Goddess, bringing forth life from the non-physical realms into physical form here on Earth. Perthro reversed in this sense can point to sexual or reproductive difficulties.

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