Metaphysical Information for Abalone Shell

Moonstone is “The Goddess Stone.” Directly associated with the moon, it has a very feminine energy that is cyclical in nature just as a women’s cycle.  It has a very soothing energy that calms our emotions, but also encourages us to accept them as they come and go just like the rising tides, without judging ourselves too harshly.  Moonstone is said to help release energy blockages that prevent us from being able to remain composed and balanced while we are experiencing highs and lows.  It inspires us to be the best version of ourselves and to learn from our mistakes, but challenge ourselves to be the creative beings were we meant to be, without the fear of failure.  Moonstone is a very intuitive stone, helping us connect with our Third Eye to enhance our intuitive powers.  Trusting one’s self is challenging for most of us, but Moonstone nurtures our fears and trepidations until we begin to see how powerful we truly are.   New Beginnings is the message that Moonstone would like to share with us.  She wants us to know that we are never stuck in one place on this journey and are always afforded an opportunity for a fresh start!

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