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Also known as: Inguz, Enguz, Ing
Pronunciation: eeng-wahz
Letter sound: NG (as in “wing”)
Translation: the god Ing (also known as Ingwaz)
Keywords: fertility, male procreative force, channeling energy, completion, safety
Magical Uses: Fertility, bringing a situation to an end, building and releasing magical energy, protection, passion

Primary Themes
Ingwaz is the rune of the fertility god Ing (also known as Ingwaz), and is associated with masculine sexuality and male potency. This is the springtime energy of plant life emerging after the depths of winter, and the procreation of all life on Earth. Depending on context of the reading, drawing Ingwaz may indicate a healthy and hearty sexual relationship. However, it can also refer more generally to a procreative energy being channeled through specific means, such as a project, a business endeavor, or a journey. Whatever is propelling you forward in a positive way at the moment, Ingwaz is acknowledging and confirming that the energy behind it is potent and heading for substantial results. As a related meaning, Ingwaz also symbolizes completion. An old phase of your life is coming to an end, freeing up the energy for new phenomena to enter your experience. Problems are resolved or about to be solved, and great relief follows. Alternatively, Ingwaz may be signalling that you are reaching your full potential in the matter at hand and that it’s time to let go and let the situation play itself out. Trust that you have done the necessary work—the energy you’re feeling around this is ultimately positive, and relief is in sight. Ingwaz is widely considered a highly auspicious rune, signalling a major event or turning point in your life that leads to satisfying results. A dream may very well be coming true.

Additional Meanings
Ing is also a god of the home and hearth, and so Ingwaz indicates safety and a loving family environment. Your home and everyone in it are protected. If you were feeling anxiety about some kind of threat to your well-being in this regard, you can relax. Enjoy a sense of peace, prosperity, and satisfaction with your life at this time. This is indeed a rune of good fortune. Ingwaz has no reversed meaning.

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