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Passiflora incarnate

Often used in conjunction with other relaxing herbs like valerian and catnip, passionflower is a mild sedative that can help you fall asleep when your mind is busier than you’d like it to be. As a nerve tonic, passionflower eases anxiety and nervous stress, and can help with nerve pain associated with shingles and neuralgia.
Parts Used: Stems and leaves
Precautions: Because passionflower can cause uterine contractions, it should not be used during pregnancy. Passionflower can increase testosterone and intensify conditions such as baldness and prostate problems when taken in excess.
Identifying/Growing: Passionflower is a vigorous climbing vine with exotic purple blossoms. Native to Central America and Mexico, it is also found growing wild in some parts of the southern United States. Passionflower can be cultivated as a perennial. You can try to grow this plant from seed, but it is difficult to germinate. The easiest way to propagate passionflower is by taking tip cuttings early in summer. Treat the cuttings with liquid rooting hormone and keep them warm and moist until new growth appears, usually within 2 weeks. Provide a trellis for the passionflower to climb up, and harvest leaves and stems in mid- to late summer.

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