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Thymus vulgaris

Thanks to its ability to impart a wonderfully savory flavor to foods, thyme is a staple in many kitchens worldwide. This lovely little herb is an excellent overall cold remedy that calms coughing spasms, clears chest congestion, helps you sleep soundly, and soothes sore throats.
Parts Used: Leaves
Precautions: Thyme is generally considered safe, but regular overuse can lead to abnormal menstrual cycles.
Identifying/Growing: Thyme has an aromatic scent that makes it easy to identify. Tiny oval leaves cling to slender, woody stems, and minuscule pink flowers emerge during spring and summer. There are about 350 variations of this herb, all with slight variations in appearance; however, all offer similar medicinal benefits. Thyme is simple to grow, particularly if you purchase mature plants and transplant them into a sunny spot. This herb prefers well-drained soil and will creep if not kept contained in a pot. You can begin harvesting the plant tops after the first spring frost, and  stop clipping about a month before fall’s first frost. Regular harvesting will keep your thyme plants from becoming too woody, and will encourage them to keep on growing tender new leaves for you to enjoy.

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