Saw Palmetto

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Serenoa serrulata

Saw palmetto is best known as an effective herbal remedy for benign prostate hyperplasia, often working faster than prescribed drugs. While it isn’t widely recognized by the mainstream medical establishment in the United States, it is widely prescribed throughout Europe.
Parts Used: Berries
Precautions: Saw palmetto is sometimes useful for stopping hair loss in men, but because it increases testosterone, it can cause women to grown unwanted facial hair. If you have acne, saw palmetto may make the condition worse.
Identifying/ Growing: Saw palmetto is native to the US East Coast and can be found from Florida to South Carolina. The trees are short and scrubby, growing no taller than about 10 feet. Fans of spiky leaves give way to oblong berries, which have a reddish-brown color when ripe. The berries should be dried before use in herbal medicines.

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