Fire Personalities

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People with Fire as their dominant Element tend to command the attention of others. They are generally enthusiastic, vigorous, impassioned, and easily excitable. They make for natural leaders, since they are naturally courageous and willing to charge forth, and they often feel passionate enough about causes or goals that nothing gets in the way of their drive to succeed. Others are drawn to the light Fire people radiate from the center of their beings. They are often joyful people, and others may feel “lighter” just for being around them. Fire people don’t tire easily and tend not to be comfortable sitting still for very long. This is energy that can’t be truly contained without extinguishing it. Of course, just as the Element can be dangerous when not carefully managed, the personality of Fire can get to be too much for others. Fire people may sometimes go overboard in expressing their desires or opinions, or be unaware of the need to “share the floor” during conversations. They can be impulsive and somewhat insensitive compared to other Elemental personalities. They may struggle with a perceived need for immediate gratification or have the tendency to be in a hurry all the time. Too much Fire energy can make a person quick-tempered or even prone to rage, and courage untempered by reason and realism can end up backfiring—another word that demonstrates our appreciation for the power of fire. A balanced approach to living as a Fire person involves learning to ease up on the fuel when appropriate, taking a more long-range view of what will be needed to sustain that energy beyond the present moment. In the days before electricity, households would “bank” their indoor fire overnight, allowing the embers to stay just hot enough to keep it intact for the next morning. Fire people can remember that slowing down and cooling off does not have to mean being extinguished, but can instead be a wise way to ensure success in the long run.

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