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Key Words: Self-awareness, Healing, Clarity, Protection
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

Another stone revered by the ancients, malachite was used by the Greeks and Romans for ornaments, jewelry, and even in powdered form for eyeshadow. (This last use turned out to be a bad idea, since malachite is toxic and should never be used in powdered form. Polished malachite pieces are the safest bet.) Malachite is an opaque stone of deep, rich green with lighter green circular bands that cause many pieces to appear to have an eye. For this reason, the stone was believed in the Middle Ages to ward off negativity and enhance visionary abilities. Malachite is
considered a “Stone of Transformation,” fostering spiritual growth during times of great change, or inspiring us to make important changes and take emotional risks. Its energy can help you break unwanted patterns that restrict your growth, such as avoiding social situations due to shyness or self-consciousness. This stone helps build emotional courage and clarity, by helping us learn to recognize and then release old emotional wounds, especially those suffered in childhood. It helps with fear of confrontation, encourages expression of feelings, and promotes healthy, positive relationships and empathy for others. Malachite is good for protection magic, particularly for people who get easily overwhelmed by the congestion of psychic energy in crowded places. It’s good for all travel situations, and particularly aids in fear of flying. It absorbs negative energy, so holding it in the palm of your hand during difficult or frightening situations can bring immediate relief—but be sure to clean and clear it often if you use it for this purpose. As a green stone, it can be used in any prosperity spell, and is also good in workings for healing emotional wounds. In the workplace, it helps dispel energetic toxins from fluorescent lighting, electrical equipment, and unwanted noise.

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