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Key Words: Clarity, Manifestation, Clearing, Willpower
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air

Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz, usually transparent and ranging in color from pale yellow to gold, but is sometimes found as an almost-brown honey color. It has been known as “the Sun Stone” due to its bright color and often sparkling appearance, but the name “citrine” comes from the French word for “lemon.” It is said that citrine never absorbs or accumulates negative energy, but instead “zaps” it up and releases it as positive energy. This is true for both physical and subtle energy levels, so that citrine can brighten up a space and/or a mood simply through its ability to transform negativity into positivity. With its sunny, endlessly positive energy, citrine is a great energizer and motivator, strengthening your connection to yourself and your ability to manifest your desires. It promotes clarity of thought, enhanced creativity, and encourages self-expression, helping you to visualize your goals clearly and bring them “into the daylight.” It raises self-esteem and self-confidence, clearing the path for more direct action toward your goals. Citrine helps overcome fear and depression and encourages new approaches to problems and enthusiasm for new experiences. Citrine is also good for helping to overcome negativity associated with having been ill-used by another person, either through direct manipulation or more subtle means. It can be hard sometimes to know whether some acquaintances are positive influences in our lives. Citrine can help illuminate which of your associations are worth keeping, and which to let go. It can do this for your own thoughts as well, by clearing out negative or unnecessary mental “chatter” to help you realign with your inner wisdom. It reduces sensitivity to criticism and helps you let go of the past, clearing the way for new, positive thoughts and experiences. Citrine is excellent in spellwork for manifesting and maintaining wealth. It is sometimes known as the “Merchant’s Stone” and kept near the cash register of many businesses. It’s also good for issues of communication in interpersonal relationships, and clearing and blocking negative energies from people around you. Wear or carry citrine as a general protection against negativity, as a way to attract money or guard against excessive spending, and in any situation where you need to feel secure and confident.

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