Ways of connecting with Fire

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Fire is the one Element that we can’t touch with our bodies without potentially serious damage, including death. Therefore, attuning to its energy is, in the most immediate sense, a “hands-off” activity. However, interacting with Fire is intense, illuminating, and exhilarating all the same, and one can be just as immersed in its energy as in any of the other Elements. Gazing into the flame of a candle is a wonderful, simple way to take in the power of Fire, and a bonfire is even better, especially on a cool, crisp evening when the warmth of the fire adds an extra layer to its magical quality. A fire enjoyed by friends, families, and/or lovers is one manifestation of the love energy this Element brings, as well as its ability to strengthen bonds with others. Like clouds, flames can make for excellent divinatory communication, as images may appear either in the fire itself, or the smoke as it twists and curls up toward the sky. Crackling embers and the small bursts of energy they release can also be interpreted as messages from the spirit world, and there are even several methods for divination using the ashes from ritual fires. Moving the body with vigorous exercise and dance is another way to tap into Fire, stoking the heat of our internal “engines” to match the high frequency and vitality of this Element. This way of attuning has the added benefits of building up strength and clearing toxins and other unwanted energy forms from the body. Spending time outdoors in the Sun is also important, and can be extra magical after a long spell of rain or cold Winter weather. Even though the Sun is technically composed of gas, rather than Fire, the two have always been linked together. After all, the Sun does have the ability to burn our skin, and it can certainly start a fire under the right circumstances! In many traditions, blowing out a candle is considered disrespectful to the spirit of Fire, and people will wave their hands over the flame to put it out instead, or use candle snuffers as a gentler, more attentive method. Whether you adhere to this idea or not, always be respectful of and grateful for the gift of Fire.

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