Nicotiana tabacum

Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco to England in the late 1500s, and he made a small fortune in the tobacco market. In South America, indigenous groups used tobacco to help them communicate with spirits and to appease river gods when going on a trip over the water. Planting and growing your own tobacco isn’t really feasible; it takes a long time and the plants take up a lot of space. When storing tobacco, you should always have a tin or pouch of it that you use only for magical reasons. If you’re a smoker, never smoke the same tobacco you’re using in ritual.

Parts Used: Leaves

Associated Element: Fire

Magical Uses: Protection, purification, spirit communication

Rituals and Celebrations: Purification rituals, Samhain celebrations

Blends Well With: Comfrey or dandelion for spirit communication, sage or sweetgrass for cleansing or purification

Substitutions: Nearly any other magical herb

Often Used With: Hematite

Precautions: Tobacco is highly toxic and should not be taken internally. After you’ve used it in a ritual, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Applications: Burn tobacco leaves in rituals, particularly divination, to call upon the spirit world. Sprinkle tobacco around your home to protect your family. If you suffer from nightmares, tuck tobacco leaves under your pillow at night.



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