Quartz Crystal

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Key words: Clarity, Transformation, Manifestation
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

The most abundant and arguably the most versatile crystal on the planet, quartz is the one most people associate with the word “crystal.” Usually clear, but also opaque white, quartz is used in many magical and non-magical objects including clocks, computers, prisms, crystal spheres and wands. Quartz is actually the original source of the word “crystal,” which comes from the Greek “krystallos,” meaning “clear ice.” The Greeks believed that clear quartz crystal was ice that the deities had made from celestial water that could never be melted. Clear quartz is a supreme aid in
concentration, fostering intellectual clarity, new ideas, and strengthened focus. It increases awareness, helps with memory and filters out external distractions. Interestingly, it is both helpful for sleep and for raising energy, as it has a somewhat hypnotic quality but also contains the full spectrum of light, which is seen when it’s used as a prism. Quartz is a great purifier, helping to eliminate negativity and restore positive energy in a person or in one’s surroundings. It’s useful in meditation and clearing out inner turmoil, replacing it with positive feelings and affirmations. It assists with perseverance and patience, bringing a sense of purpose and harmony to those who work with its energy. Clear quartz is a very versatile stone, easy to “program” (or charge) with magical intention for any positive purpose. It stores and concentrates the energy, retaining it for use in healing and magic at a later time.
This crystal serves to amplify the power of your intentions, as well as the power of other stones used along with it in ritual. It is particularly well-suited for communication with spirit guides, building psychic ability, communication with
animals and plants, and recalling past lives. Many people use quartz in workings connected to strengthening intuition and spiritual development. It also works well for attracting love and prosperity. Wearing or carrying a clear quartz crystal helps keep personal energy strong and positive, and the mind and heart open to guidance from the higher realms. It dispels negative energy from others in your environment. Placing quartz in the bath is a good way to unwind and clear your mind when

facing confusing events.

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