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Also known as: Jara, Jeran, Jeraz
Pronunciation: yair-ah
Letter sound: Y (as in “year”) (J in Germanic languages)
Translation: year, harvest
Keywords: harvest, reward, natural cycles, fruition, fertility, growth
Magical Uses: Fertility, creativity, bringing in desired events, family matters, growth and increase, patience, facilitates harmonious relationship to time and seasons

Primary Themes
Jera is the rune of harvest, and of the seasonal year which is ever turning. Similar to the Neopagan concept of the Wheel of the Year, Jera signifies that each season of a cycle has its purpose, and so it also reminds us that the attainment of goals often takes time. A seed planted in spring must be given time to grow, and the resulting plant can only be harvested in its proper time. But provided you have put the necessary work into preparing the soil, tending the crops, and reaping the harvest, Jera indicates that your efforts will be successful. As the fourth rune in Hagal’s Aett, Jera follows the series of three runes which focused on obstacles. If you have been dealing with adversity, Jera emerges as a positive sign that troubles are receding and you are moving into a fortuitous time of forward activity. This is a rune of reaping rewards for hard work and perseverance. It may indicate prosperity and abundance, success in business, or some other form of payoff for your efforts. Celebrate your good fortune, appreciate the joys of your current circumstances, and strengthen your hopes and plans for the future. Don’t rest on your laurels for too long, however. Just as the work of preparing for winter must follow close on the heels of the harvest celebrations, the need for careful resourcefulness and quiet patience will come around again in due time. This is simply the natural, cyclical order of life. Recognizing this helps you to flow with circumstances rather than resisting them.

Additional Meanings
As a rune of growth cycles, Jera also represents fertility and may indicate a marriage. Procreation may be indicated—either in the form of literal pregnancy or in the growth of an enterprise. Some Neopagan traditions associate this rune with the symbolic sacred union of the Goddess and the God. At any rate, Jera symbolizes the union of “opposites,” such as dawn and dusk (the meeting points of night and day) and the liminal times between seasons, such as the warm days of autumn days or the cold days of spring. In this context, you are advised to acknowledge that any adversity you are or have been experiencing will ultimately contribute to your growth—you are who you are because of the lessons life has taught you. Jera has no reversed meaning.

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