Air Personalities

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People with Air personalities tend to enjoy a higher degree of emotional detachment and objectivity than those with other dominant Elements. Their “bird’s eye view” on life can help them see patterns and possibilities that others can’t, and thus avoid the pitfalls of short-sightedness or “stuckness” that people with other personalities might struggle with. Air people tend to have very active minds and feel at home in the realms of abstract thought. They have a knack for discovering new ideas. They are socially energetic and take an interest in the ideas of others, but their dynamic nature and need for movement and free expression may keep them from hanging around in one place for any length of time. They don’t want to miss anything by being away too long from their regular, broad-perspectived perch. The challenge for Air people, then, is to balance their flightiest, high-level energies with more grounded, fixed energies, or else all of that intellectual potential may stay unmanifested in the material world. Just as having one’s “feet on the ground” is considered a positive attribute, we tend to speak of having one’s “head in the clouds” as something to avoid, at least for too much of the time. “Flighty” is another descriptive word with less-than-positive connotations to describe people who seem to lack focus or substance. Air people need to learn to appreciate the value in being still, as well as being in touch with their emotions, which can often be an uncomfortable realm for them. Getting regular exercise can help them move some of that mental energy to the rest of the body, creating a balance that allows those Air qualities to manifest in more grounded ways.

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