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Also known as: Wynja, Wyn
Pronunciation: woon-you
Letter sound: W
Translation: joy, pleasure, hope
Keywords: joy, happiness, harmony, bliss, happy relationships, well-being, success
Magical Uses: General well-being, fulfillment, success, raise vibrational frequency, harmonious relationships of all kinds, powerful in bind runes

Primary Themes
A very positive rune, Wunjo literally translates to “joy,” and indicates all manner of happiness and well-being. Situations that have been difficult are resolved and optimism is renewed. It may be that a surprise development comes into your life that changes everything for the better. You may experience a feeling of being truly blessed by the higher realms. However, bliss and harmony are also present, and more consistently so, when we take a balanced approach to life. Constantly focusing on the negative will ultimately bring further negative circumstances—via the Law of Attraction—whereas the practice of recognizing what is going well will not only bring you more well-being, but also means you are feeling satisfied and at peace with your life more of the time. If you have been feeling down, discouraged or irritable, Wunjo may be asking you to adjust your view and focus on what brings you joy. Doing so will allow the positive energy represented by this rune to enter your life. As the rune of joy, Wunjo is also associated with happy relationships. You are truly enjoying the company of others. Friendships are deepening and romance is successful, whether a relationship is just beginning or is more established. Wunjo reversed signifies an unhappy time, where things are not going the way you want due to conflict or unexpected problems. You may be lacking energy and interest in life, or stress and anxiety may be dominant in your experience. Avoid making important decisions now, as you are not in a good frame of mind to choose the best course, or to even be aware of all of your options. In relationships, there may be tension or misunderstandings, possibly leading to arguments or even the end of the partnership. If you can, take some time out to let the negative energies subside and return to the issue with a clearer, calmer mind and heart.

Additional Meanings
Wunjo is considered a good sign when it comes to business and prosperity, as well as the rewards of following your ambition in general. You are enjoying your work, especially if you are involved in something creative. Now may be a good time to start a new venture, depending on the other runes in the reading. Wunjo reversed in this context warns that now is not a good time for new projects, or may simply indicate that your ambition has been blocked by real or perceived obstacles or interference. You may be dissatisfied with your job or with the results of your work. If this is the case, focus as much as you can on other areas of your life that bring you joy. In this way, you can balance your outlook on life and make more room for new, positive developments to come in.


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