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Hierochloe odorata

Sweetgrass is a popular herb for smudging and is used in a number of Native American ceremonies and rituals. Use it to call good spirits before starting a ritual or doing spellwork, or for smudging a sacred space.

Parts Used: Grass, leaves
Associated Element: Air
Magical Uses: Invoking positive energy, smudging
Rituals and Celebrations: Casting a circle, purification rituals
Blends Well With: Sage for purification
Substitutions: Rosemary, sage, vanilla
Often Used With: Garnet, selenite, topaz, turquoise
Precautions: Sweetgrass should not be ingested over long periods of time; it contains coumarin, which can cause hemorrhage and liver damage.
Applications: Use braided sweetgrass for smudging ceremonies or for calling positive energy into a sacred space. Hang sweetgrass in your home, or plant it near your door to invite good magic inside.

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